Dukember 30 2011
What's new?
1. A new robot review!
2. A new song!
3. A Calander!
4. New Stats!
5. New PC and mac AND PENGUIN!!!
6. New coming up!
7. Past Wents Updated!
8. What's New updated!
9. New Bio!
10. 10 new listeners! That gives us 405! We did it peoples! we made it to 400 and beyond!
11. Uber D0ods!
12. We got mail!
13. New Intro!
14. Those who left us.
15. das Uber Geek.
16. Letters to YTGDM.

It's PC and mac AND PENGUIN!!!

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Gee this is fun playing in the snow.

Mac: Sledding.

PC: Tobagganing.
Mac: Sking.

PC: Making Snow tans

Mac: And ice cream.

PC: Snow angels.

Mac: Snow forts.

PC: Skating.


Mac: Who threw that?


PC: It's that penguin!


Mac: Get him!


PC: Where is he?


Mac: There he is!


PC:No there he is!


Mac: He's over here!


PC: How did he get there so fast?


Mac: He's everywhere!


PC: We're surrounded!








Mac grey screens.

PC blue screens.

Inifinit penguins dance ontop of the frozen PC and Mac.

Letters to YTGDM!

Dear Yule Tide Gift Dispensing man,

Hows things going on the moon? I've been really good this year, its been hard I tell you. We had a dragon problem perhaps more like a wizard problem and it really made it hard to keep a stiff upper lip. It made us lag a bit behind with our updates but through hard work we got it together. I would really like a nintendo 3ds system and game, and maybe some The Big Bang Theory swag. I would like if things could go better between Sock Monkey and Tachi, but I guess it may take next year for such a big order could be filled. I guess Little Mouth proffing the wiring would be a tall order for you as well. You're pretty busy and I wouldnt want to hog your time. If its no problem could I get a bunch of new listeners? Finally one last request. I don't blame you, I love my World Of WorldCraft Catyclysm Collectors Edition, but maybe next time you bring us your awesome swag, please check to make sure they are dragron free...like MineCraft? It was an amazing adventure, and maybe that was your intent, but it did cause us to get a bit behind. Anyway thank you and have a good trip!

IJ Dee-Vo




D34r '/UL3 71D3 91Ph7 d1$P3|\|$1|\|9 /\/\4|\|,

1'\/3 b33|\| 4 r34L 900D /\/\0|\|k3'/ k33P1|\|9 7|-|3 (0/\/\PU73r rU|\||\|1|\|9 d3$P173 4LL 0Ph 7|-|3 |\|0|\|$3|\|$3 901|\|9 0|\| 4|\|D L1/\/\173D /\/\'/ 94/\/\1|\|9 70 10 |-|0Ur$ 4 d4'/ U|\|71L \/\/3 937 7|-|1|\|9$ 4LL (4U9|-|7 UP \/\/17|-| 4LL 7|-|3 UPD473$. 4LL 1 \/\/4|\|7 1$ 4LL 0Ph 7|-|3 d1PhPh3r3|\|7 7'/P3$ PhP$ 1|\| 7|-|3 \/\/0rLD, 4LL 0Ph 7|-|3 D1PhPh3r3|\|7 7'/P3$ 0Ph 94/\/\3 $'/$73/\/\$ 1|\| 7|-|3 \/\/0rLD, 4LL 0Ph 7|-|3 p4$$\/\/0rD$ 4|\|D L091|\| |\|4/\/\3$ 0Ph 4LL D3Ph3|\|$3 $'/$73/\/\$ 1|\| 7|-|3 \/\/0rLD, 7|-|3 $P3($ 0|\| 74(|-|1, 4|\|D 4 '/34r $UPPL'/ 0Ph \/0L7 (0L4.

50(k /\/\0|\|k3'/

dear yule tide chuck norris,

ive been really really good this word, ive helped all my friends everyday, and played with them and made sre thery were never loney ever please give me a chuck norris action figure with round house kick chuck norris the complete collection a signed chuck norris poster chuck norris and crunchy munchy oldy moldy yummy for the tummy toast.

little mouth

We almost didn't have a playlist this season

-In tune of Dr. Seuss's "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"-
"How Junior Stole the Playlist"

The IJ Crew
Down in IJ Studios
Liked their playlists a lot
But Sherman Jr.
The M.I.A.A. CEO
Did NOT!
Junior hated their playlist, didn't find it pleasn
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be that his temporal lobes wernt wired quite right.
It could be, perhaps, that his ears were clooged up too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his soul was four sizes too small.
Whatever the reason,
His soul or his ears,
He stood there on his balcony, hating their cheer
Staring down from his office, with a sour, spiteful frown
At the warm light hearted Geek'n Up The Night sounds
For he knew the IJ Crew in IJ Studios
Were busy now, setting up their show.
"And they're uploading their mp3s!" he snarled with a sneer.
"Tomorrow's their new playlist! It's practically here!"
Then he growled, with his bony fingers nervously drumming,
"I MUST find a way to keep that playlist from coming!"
For, tomorrow, he knew...
...All of the IJ Crew
Would wake up sometime past noon. They'd broadcast their tunes!
And then! Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!
That's one thing he hated! The NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE!
Then the crew, odd and weird, would sit down to their games
And they'd game! And they'd game!
And they'd GAME! GAME! GAME! GAME!
They would start on Halo 3 and Fatal Frame
Which was something Junior thought was totally Lame!
They'd do something he liked least of all!
Every one down in IJ Studios, the tall and the small,
Would stand close together, offkey voices bringing,
Poorly done parodies, And the crew would start singing!
They'd sing! And they'd sing!
And the more Junior thought of the Poor-Parody-Sing
The more Junior thought, "I must stop this whole thing!
"Why for about five odd years I've put up with it now!
I MUST stop their playlist from coming!
...But HOW?"
Then he got an idea!
An awful idea!
"I know just what to do!" Junior Laughed in a fit.
And he made a quick YTGDM cosplay outfit.
And he chuckled, and clucked, "What a great evil trick!
"With this YTGDM chassis, I look rather slick!"
"All I need is a drone..."
Junior looked around.
But since robots are scarce, there was none to be found.
Did that stop the Junior...?
No! Junior simply said,
"If I can't find a robot, I'll make one instead!"
So he called intern Max, covered him in foil,
Glued a light bulb on his head and scented him in oil.
He loaded some bags
And some old empty sacks
On a tricked out Rickshaw
And he hitched up old Max.
Then Junior said, "Giddyap!"
And the Rickshaw started down
Toward the Studio where the Crew
Lay a-snooze all around.
All their monitors were dark. Quiet fans recycled the air.
All the Crew were all dreaming sweet dreams without care.
When he came to IJ Studios blast doors he did stare.
"This is our stop," Junior Music Stealing Man hissed
And he walked to the door, empty bags in his fist.
Then he put a cardboard IJ Dee-Vo to the scanner.
It was a crazy idea but he was a crazy planner.
The doors open at once, after a moment or two.
Then he stuck his head in and quickly he flew
Where the CDs were all shelved placed neatly in a row.
"These CDS," he grinned, "are the first things to go!"
Then he slithered and slunk, with a smile most unpleasant,
Around the whole room, and he took every media device present!
Wavs! Aiffs! Raw audio! MP3s!
Flash cards! Hard drives! Records! DVDs!
And he stuffed them in bags. Then Junior, very nimbly,
Stuffed all the bags, one by one, in the Rickshaw so simply!
Then he slunk to the computer. He took the Crew's database!
He took the Crews files! He took them with haste!
He cleaned out that computer as quick as a flash.
Why, Junior even took their 1s and zeros from the cache! Then he stuffed all the data in the Rickshaw with glee.
"And NOW!" grinned Junior, "I will steal their PC!"
And Junior removed components, and he started to shove
When he heard an annoying sound comming from above.
He looked up fast, and he saw the smallest Crew!
Little Mouth who, had an IQ not more than two.
Junior had been caught by this little mouth thing
Who'd got out of bed for a tasty coiled spring.
Little Mouth stared at Junior and said, "yatagadam, why,"
"why are you taking our blinky box? why?"
But, you know, that Junior was so smart and so slick
He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick!
"Why, my sweet little Mouth," the fake YTGDM lied,
"There's a light on this box that won't light on one side.
"So I'm taking it home to my factory, so dont fear.
"I'll fix it up there. Then I'll bring it back here."
And his fib fooled the mouth. Then he patted LM
And he got a spring for Little mouth then.
And when Little Mouth went to bed with the coil,
HE managed to haul out the entire thing with lots of toil!
Then the last thing he took
Was the lyrics for their songs.
Then he went to the Rickshaw taking the stuff along.
In IJ Studios he left nothing but books, and Pong.
And the bit of evidence
That he left in the place
Was some paper written upon was "In your face!"
After he was all done
Packing up the Rickshaw
Leaving not a thing
For them to play
For their station at all!
It was quarter past one...
The IJ Crew, still a-bed
The IJ Crew, still a-snooze
With crazy grin on his head,
He rode off with their stuff! The things! The swag!
The items! And the nouns! The objects! The contents of bags!
Several miles away! To a toxic landfill,
His evil deed to fulfill!
"You lose IJ Crew!" he was fiend-ish-ly humming.
"They're finding out now that no playlist is coming!
"They're just waking up! All in a panic!
"Screaming, running, all in a panic
"Their internet station will only play static!" "That's a noise," grinned Junior,
"That I simply must hear!"
So he got his iphone. And Junior put it to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising from his phone.
It started own. Then it started to pwn...
But the sound wasn't static!
Why, they were still on the air!
He gave out a moan! More then he could bare! UNFAIR!
He stared down at the device!
Junior popped his eyes!
Then he shook!
What he saw was a shocking surprise!
The music on their station the short and the long,
Was playing! Without any of their songs!
He HADN'T stopped their playlist from coming!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!
And Junior, racked his brains, what caused his woe,
Mind puzzling and puzzling: "How could it be so?
It came without Weird Al! It came without Luke-Ski!
"It came without Demento, remixes from OC!"
And he puzzled all day, `till his puzzler was sore.
Then Junior thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe their music," he thought, "isn't just on their harddrive.
"Maybe their music...perhaps...is also stored on live365!"
And what happened then...?
Well...in IJ Studios they say
That Junior's ulcer
Grew three sizes that day!
And all the while as Junior was lost in thought,
The IJ Crew tracked down their stuff which they re-got.
And they brought back the swag! And the lyrics for their songs!
And he...
Junior cried year long

Das Uber Geek.

Our Geek Highlight.

Our geek highlight comes with a bit of heart filled sadness as we lose a real game changer he literly is why all of the electronics that we have been using for decades exist. So we present to you the Champion of the solid state transister.

Norman Krim

Norman Krim, an electronics visionary who played a pivotal role in the industry's transition from the bulky electron vacuum tube, which once lined the innards of radios and televisions, to the tiny, far more powerful transistor, died on Dec. 14 in a retirement home in Newton, Mass. He was 98.

The cause was congestive heart failure, his son Robert said.

Mr. Krim, who made several breakthroughs in a long career with the Raytheon Company and who had an early hand in the growth of the RadioShack chain, did not invent the transistor. (Three scientists did, in 1947, at Bell Laboratories.)

But he saw the device's potential and persuaded his company to begin manufacturing it on a mass scale, particularly for use in miniaturized hearing aids that he had designed. Like the old tube, a transistor amplifies audio signals.

As Time magazine wrote in 1953: "This little device, a single speck of germanium, is smaller than a paper clip and works perfectly at one-tenth the power needed by the smallest vacuum tube. Today, much of Raytheon's transistor output goes to America's hearing aid industry." (Germanium, a relatively rare metal, was the predecessor to silicon in transistors.)

That was just the start. "Now there are over 50 million transistors on a single computer chip, and billions of transistors are manufactured every day," Jack Ward, curator of the online Transistor Museum, said in an interview. "Norm was the first to recognize the potential and led Raytheon to be the first major transistor manufacturer."

Thousands of hearing-disabled people benefited from Mr. Krim's initial use of the transistor in compact hearing aids. But not every transistor Raytheon made was suitable for them, he found.

"When transistors were first being manufactured by Raytheon on a commercial scale, there was a batch called CK722s that were too noisy for use in hearing aids," said Harry Goldstein, an editor at IEEE Spectrum, the magazine of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

So Mr. Krim contacted editors at magazines like Popular Science and Radio Electronics and began marketing the CK722s to hobbyists.

"The result was that a whole generation of aspiring engineers - kids, really, working in their garages and basements - got to make all kinds of electronic projects,"Mr. Goldstein said, among them transistor radios, guitar amplifiers, code oscillators, Geiger counters and metal detectors. "A lot of them went on to become engineers."

Mr. Ward called Mr. Krim "the father of the CK722."

Before the transistor, Mr. Krim had already made significant contributions to the industry. In 1938 he led a Raytheon team that developed miniaturized vacuum tubes for use in battery-powered radios. He also realized that the small tubes could replace cumbersome packs that hearing-aid users had to strap onto themselves in those days.

"Zenith, Beltone, Sonotone are some of the American companies that used his improved, more affordable hearing-aid technology," said Chet Michalak, who is writing a biography of Mr. Krim. "His devices were about the size of today's hand-held phones."They were also a precursor to the transistor hearing aid his team later developed.

Norman Bernard Krim was born in Manhattan on June 3, 1913, one of four children of Abraham and Ida Krim. His father owned several luncheonettes. By the age of 12, he was tinkering with the refrigerator motor in his home.

After graduating from George Washington High School at 16, he was accepted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where in his junior year he built an "electrical brain" that, according to newspaper articles at the time, seemed to be able to make childlike choices, deciding whether it preferred beets or spinach, for example.

"He considered it a carnival act," Mr. Michalak said.

Raytheon hired Mr. Krim after his graduation in 1934, at 50 cents an hour. By the time he left the company in 1961, he was vice president of the semiconductor divisions.

Mr. Krim's wife of 52 years, the former Beatrice Barron, died in 1994. Beside his son Robert, he is survived by another son, Arthur, and four grandchildren. Another son, Donald, a leading film distributor, died in May.

After leaving Raytheon, Mr. Krim bought two electronics stores in Boston called RadioShack. By the time he sold the business to the Tandy Corporation two years later, it had seven stores; today the chain has about 7,300.

Mr. Krim was a marketing consultant to Raytheon and several other companies until 1997.

Ghosts haunting Eboneezer.


Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

Christa Wolf(where?)

Mamoru Uchiyama
Alan Sues

Louis Silverstein
Bill McKinney(full of awesome)
Martina Davis-Correia

Shingo Araki(cute honey)

Al Vega(jazz man)

Howard Tate

Bill Tapia
Dugald Stermer
David Montgomery
Christopher Logue
Branimir Kostan
Chiyono Hasegawa
Leo Friedman

Rob Schroeder
Larry Rickles
Sabri Godo
Philip "Fatis" Burrell

Jalal Alamgir


Hubert Sumlin
RJ Rosales

Solange Pierre
-pic- Matti Yrjana Joensuu(crime does pay)
Andrew Ali Aga Khan Embiricos
Marion Dougherty(full metal)

Ambika Charan Choudhury


Violetta Villas
Bill Vann

Darrell K. Sweet(exposed xanth to mundania)

Pusuke(good boy
Dan Mills(master of the universe)
Peter Gethin
Paul M. Doty(the biggest of the small)
Dan Biggers(played one on tv)
Bruno Bianchi(go go)

Erik Werner
Barbara Orbison

Dobie Gray
Sum Ying Fung
Tony Fell


T. A. Springer(magic of math)
Charlie Russell

Jerry Robinson(he's batman)

Harry Morgan
Ofield Dukes
Pearse Cahill(the aviator)
Bob Burnett

Alan Styles(try his breakfest)
Dan Spears
Dick Sims
Minoru Miki


Myra Taylor(jazz wo-man)

Joao Pereira dos Santos
Davida Karol

Sotia Tsotou(all greek to him)
Karryl Smith(thoughtful daughter)

Albert Overhauser(dynamilcly polorized)

Vida Jerman
Jean Baucus


Mario Miranda(its a me)

Ahmed Ihsan Kirimli
Ke Yan
Hans Heinz Holz

Susan Gordon(zoning laws)
Trevor Christian
Enric Barbat


Will Townsend(a real hero)
Berton "Bert" Schneider(monkeys uncle)
Malina Olinescu

Alberto de Mendoza(took the wrong train)
Pupi Campo
John Atterberry

Erica Wilson

Russell Hoban(ubergeek)

Kabir Chowdhury
Graham Brown(manhattan muppet man)
Thomas J. Bassler, MD(thats some whale


James A. Zimble(check beneath the sea)
George Whitman(dines with Shakespeare and Company)
Billie Jo Spears

Joe Simon(palin this is what a true american from real america is like)

Boris Chertok(actually it is rocket science)

Norman Krim

Carmen Rupe
Jason Richards(supercar)

Paula Hyman

Christopher Hitchens(asteroidman)
William Claver

Eduardo Barreto(not ac)

Slim Dunkin
Te Paekiomeka Joy Ruha

Bert Muhly
Mark Kopytman
Gadzhimurat Kamalov

Bob Brookmeyer(jazz'n up the night)
Ulf Aas Knight, First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav

Joaosinho Trinta
Mario Mannucci

Cesaria Evora

Eva Ekvall
Sean Bonniwell
John Bishop(jazz man)

Ronald Wolfe
Don Sharp
Ralph MacDonald
Salem Jubran

Warren Hellman

Vaclav Havel

Jeremy Doyle

Ron Smith
Horst-Eberhard Richter

Vaclav Zitek
Leopold Unger
John Rex(pwns the philosipher raptor)
Jack Goldman(hired the guy that made the place that made modern computers)
Vasilis Dioskouridis
Clem DeRosa(jazzn up the night)
Hugh Carless

Hana Andronikova
Robert Ader

Umanosuke Ueda(henchman)
Roberto Szidon
Werner Otto
P. K. Iyengar

John Chamberlain

Nina Mula
David Gold
Richard Bessiere(Seymour, Dan Seymour)

Bruce Ruxton
Evelyn Handler


Vitaly Tseshkovsky(chessologist)
Lynn Samuels
Little Jody Rainwater
Zsuzsi Mary

Johannes Heesters

Lex Gigeroff(loved to death by 790)

Cheetah-Mike(of the ape clan)
Simms Taback
Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood(jazz'n)
Joop Koopman(master of quizzes)
Sir Roger Mark Jowell

Andrew Geller
Lord Mayor of Cork Sean French
Simms Taback
Gideon Doron

Adrienne Cooper
Argyris Chionis
Benjamin Daniel Breedlove


James Rizzi

Sam Rivers(jazz'n up the night!)
Betty McQuade
Barbara Ann Lea
Sean Robb Collins(owned a leaperchan)

Joe Bodolai(saddly no longer live from new york)

Pedro Armendariz, Jr.(marked)

Dan Terry(jazz man)
Vice Admiral Sir Iwan Geoffrey Raikes KCB CBE DSC DL

Rusty Hevelin(master of toast)

Helen Frankenthaler

Sir Michael Dummett(lets get metaphysical)

Sir Clifford Darling

Kaye Stevens
Danny DeGennaro(fished for kings)

Leopold Hawelka
Robert Dickey


Eva Zeisel(pothead)

Ronald Searle
Feo Mustakowa-Genadiewa(dance like you want to win)

Ricardo Legorreta

Mike Colalillo
John Buchanan

Milton Wong

Glenn Lord

May you havce a happy whatever you celebrate!

N0obember 30 2011
What's new?
1. A new robot review!
2. A new song!
3. A nother new song!
4. New Stats!
5. New PC and mac.
6. New coming up!
7 Past Wents Updated!
8. What's New updated!
9. New Bios!
10. 20 new listeners! That gives us 395!
11. Our counter is back!
12. New Intro!
13. Those who left us.
14. Their king.
15. We are thankful

It's PC and mac.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Yep time for my program.

Mac: Wait, it's my comercial

TV: Hello I'm a PC and I'm a looser and so are people who use PCs. I'm A Mac and I'm a winner and so are people who use Macs. Buy a Mac, unless you are a looser.

PC: Now it's time for my program.

Mac: See.

PC: See what?

Mac: Proof.

PC: Proof of what?

Mac: That I'm better then you.

PC: And what proof is that?

Mac: My comercial.

PC: The one you paid writers to write?

Mac: Yes.

PC: The one you paid producers to produce?

Mac: Yes.

PC: The one you paid directors to direct?

Mac: Yes.

PC: The one you paid filmers to film?

Mac: Yes.

PC: The one you paid actors to act in?

Mac: Yes.

PC: The one you paid editors to edit?

Mac: Yes.

PC: The one you paid broadcasters to broadcast?

Mac: Yes.

PC: And how is this proof?

Mac: Because Mac and PC admit it.

PC: So the comercial you paid made for yourself, promotinging youself, based on what you want to say would naturally be truthful and unbiased?

Mac: Meh views are morons, as long as they see it on tv, they will think its true.

PC: Veiwers like the ones you want to buy your products?

Mac: Who else would?

PC: And that's what Mac's really trying to sell.

It's music time!

-In tune of Thomas Arne's "A Hunting We Will Go"-
"A Pwning We Will Go"

A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
Heigh ho, Super Mario, a pwning we will go!
A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
We'll pwn a human and leave him fumin',
And then we'll camp his corpse!

A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
Heigh ho, Super Mario, a pwning we will go!
A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
We'll sober up a drawf and kick him off a warf,
And then we'll camp his corpse!

A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
Heigh ho, Super Mario, a pwning we will go!
A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
We'll punt a gnome all the way home, And then we'll camp his corpse!

A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
Heigh ho, Super Mario, a pwning we will go!
A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
We'll kill an elf and de-ear his self,
And then we'll camp his corpse!

A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
Heigh ho, Super Mario, a pwning we will go!
A pwning we will go, a pwning we will go,
We'll catch a draenei and make him cry,
And then we'll camp his corpse!

Who said you could stop singing?

-In tune of John Forster & Tom Chapin's "Don't Play With Bruno "-
"Don't Group With Bruno "

Shirley and Sue on WoW R-P-G-ing,
Orc and troll questing:
Sue: Don't group with Bruno. Bruno is a N0ob.
Shirley: A N0ob, what's a N0ob?
Sue: Oh you know... like Bruno.
Shirley: Shhh here he comes.
Bruno: Hi girls, I'm on a epic quest.
Want to help?
Sue: No thanks.
Bruno: Oh, okay. Bye.
So he walked to the edge
Of the great high ledge
And began his epic quest.
Bruno: Yup.

Down the trail came Goblin Mike
Riding on his mighty goblin bike.
Goblin Mike: Hey girls, where's Bruno?
Oh neat! On a epic quest, Ub3r 1337!
Shirley and Sue: Don't group with Bruno.
Bruno is a N0ob.
Goblin Mike: A N0ob, what's a N0ob?
Shirley and Sue: Oh you know... like Bruno.
Bruno: Hey, I found a grey item.
Goblin Mike: Grey Item! Lame! Bye.
So Goblin Mike and mighty goblin bike
Rode off to Ogrimmar.
Goblin Mike: N0ob!

Out a portal came Undead Gail,
On a dragon mount with a scaley tail.
Undead Gail: I'm gonna quest with Bruno
and Goblin Mike.
But the big girls called the zombie tyke.
Shirley and Sue: Undead Gail.
Don't group with Bruno. Bruno is a N0ob.
Undead Gail: A N0ob, what's a N0ob?
Shirley and Sue: Oh you know... like Bruno.
Bruno: Help, Its lvl 20!
Undead Gail: Only 20?
Bruno: It's pwning me!
Undead Gail: Wow! Bye N0ob.
So Undead Gail with her dragon and its tail
Flew off to Ogrimmar.

Kodo pulled up in a cloud of dust.
A bull jumped off with his robes all mussed.
Tauren Leakey: I'm Tauren Leakey from Stone Talon.
I seek young Bruno. Did you girls see him?
Shirley and Sue: We don't group with Bruno.
Bruno is a N0ob.
Tauren Leakey: A N0ob, define N0ob!
Shirley and Sue: Oh you know... like Bruno.
Bruno: Hey, somebody please rez me!
Tauren Leakey: What rez thee? No way! Bye.
So Tauren Leakey mounted his Kodo
And rode to Ogrimar.
Tauren Leakey: Pathetic N0ob!

Shirley stopped playing and said to Sue:
Shirley: I'd like to Ogrimmar, too.
Sue: Shirley, Lets watch failure Bruno.
Bruno is a N0ob.
Shirley: But what is a N0ob?
Sue: Don't you know?
Shirley: No. I don't know!
So Sue and Shirley tiptoed slowly
Towards the instance.
Shirley and Sue: Hello?
Bruno: Hey girls, am I glad to see you!
Shirley and Sue: You are?
Bruno: Come on down.
Just how do you use the spirit healer?

We give thanks.

-Around the IJ Studios dining room table with honey ham, turkey, rolls and stuff-

IJ Dee-Vo: I am thankfull for IJ Studios, My coworkers, My listeners, Blizzard, and that we all got through the dragon incident mostly unscathed.


Sock Monkey: 1'/\/\ 7|-|4|\|kPhULL Ph0r (4PhPh1|\|3, (|-|0(0L473, $Urr0U|\|D $0U|\|D, dU4L 9PU (4rD$, 4|\|D PhP$.

Little Mouth: im thankful for chuck norris, black tingly spegehitti, blue and green bread, dryer rides, rain rocks, and ij deevo!

-the food folls over reveling itself to be cardboard cut outs-

IJ Dee-Vo: What gives?


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Anne McCaffrey

Anne Inez McCaffrey (1 April 1926-21 November 2011) was an American-born Irish writer, best known for her Dragonriders of Pern series. Over the course of her 46 year career she won a Hugo Award and a Nebula Award. Her book The White Dragon became one of the first science fiction novels ever to land on the New York Times Best Seller List.

The Science Fiction Writers of America in 2005 named her the 22nd Grand Master, a now-annual award to living writers of fantasy and science fiction. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame inducted her on 17 June 2006.

Anne Inez McCaffrey was the second of three children born to Colonel George Herbert McCaffrey and Anne Dorothy McElroy. She had two brothers: Hugh ("Mac", deceased 1988) and Kevin Richard McCaffrey ("Kevie"). She attended Stuart Hall, a girls boarding school in Staunton, Virginia, but graduated from Montclair High School. In 1947 she graduated cum laude from Radcliffe College with a degree in Slavonic Languages and Literature.

In 1950 she married Horace Wright Johnson (deceased 2009), who shared her interests in music, opera, and ballet. They had three children: Alec Anthony, born 1952; Todd, born 1956; and Georgeanne ("Gigi", Georgeanne Kennedy), born 1959.

Except for a short term in Dusseldorf, the family lived most of a decade in Wilmington, Delaware. They moved to Sea Cliff, Long Island in 1965, and McCaffrey became a full-time author.

At this stage in her career McCaffrey served a term as Secretary-Treasurer of the Science Fiction Writers of America, 1968-1970. Beside handcrafting the Nebula Award trophies, the responsibilities covered production of two monthly newsletters and their distribution by mail to the members.

Anne McCaffrey emigrated to Ireland with her two younger children in 1970, only weeks after filing for divorce. Ireland had recently exempted resident artists from income taxes, an opportunity that fellow science fiction author Harry Harrison had promptly taken and helped to promote. Anne's mother soon joined the family in Dublin. The following Spring, McCaffrey was Guest of Honor at her first British national science fiction convention (Eastercon 22, 1971). There she met the British reproductive biologist Jack Cohen. He would be an important consultant regarding the science of Pern, not only its flora and fauna.

Many experiences from her own life became sources of inspiration for her writing.

McCaffrey had had two short stories published during the 1950s. The first was written in 1952 while she was pregnant with her son Alec, "Freedom of the Race" about women impregnated by aliens. It earned a $100 prize in Science-Fiction Plus. Her second story "The Lady in the Tower" was published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction by editor Robert P. Mills and purchased again by editor Judith Merril for The Year's Greatest Science Fiction. McCaffrey said, "she thought of the story when wishing herself alone, like a lady in an ivory tower".

Judy Merril matched McCaffrey with her long-time literary agent Virginia Kidd (deceased 2003) and invited her to the Milford Writer's Workshop, where everyone brought a story and joined in intense criticism. She returned many times. After her first "Milford" in 1959 she worked on "The Ship Who Sang", the story that started the so-called Brain & Brawn Ship series. In the end, the spaceship Helva sings "Taps" for her human partner. Decades later son Todd called it "almost an elegy to her father". She considers it her best story and her favorite (1994 to 2004). "I put much of myself into it: myself and the troubles I had in accepting my father's death [1954] and a troubled marriage."

McCaffrey then wrote two more "Ship" stories and started her first novel. Regarding one motivation for Restoree (1967), her son quotes "I was so tired of all the weak women screaming in the corner while their boyfriends were beating off the aliens. I wouldn't have been-I'd've been in there swinging with something or kicking them as hard as I could." Recently she explained that it doesn't need a sequel: it "served its purpose of an intelligent, survivor-type woman as the protagonist of an S-F story".

Regarding Decision at Doona (1969), which she dedicated "To Todd Johnson-of course!", her son says that he was directed to lower his voice as an actor in the fourth-grade school play, with his mother in the auditorium. That was the inspiration for Doona, "an overcrowded planet where just talking too loud made you a social outcast".

McCaffrey made a fast start in Ireland, completing for 1971 publication the works in progress Dragonquest and two Gothic novels for Dell, The Mark of Merlin and The Ring of Fear. With a contract for The White Dragon, which would complete the "original trilogy" with Ballantine, her writing stalled. During the next few years the family moved several times in the vicinity of Dublin and struggled to make ends meet, supported largely by child care payments and meager royalties.

The market for young adults provided crucial opportunities. Editor Roger Elwood sought contributions of short work to anthologies. McCaffrey started the Pern story of Menolly. She delivered "The Smallest Dragonboy" for $154 and four stories that later became The Crystal Singer. Futura Publications (London) signed her to write books about dinosaurs for children. Editor Jean E. Karl at Atheneum Books sought to attract more female readers to science fiction and solicited "a story for young women in a different part of Pern". McCaffrey completed Menolly's story as Dragonsong and contracted for a sequel before it was out in 1976.

Having the arrangements with Atheneum in writing, she was able to shop for a mortgage and buy a home, to be called 'Dragonhold' for the dragons who bought it.

Twenty years later her son wrote that she "first set dragons free on Pern and then was herself freed by her dragons."

Some time after the move to Long Island, Todd McCaffrey recalls, his mother asked him what he thought of dragons. She was brainstorming about their "bad press all these years". The result was a "technologically regressed survival planet" whose people were united against a threat from space, in contrast to America divided by the Vietnam War. "The dragons became the biologically renewable air force, and their riders 'the few' who, like the RAF pilots in World War Two, fought against incredible odds day in, day out-and won."

The first Pern story, "Weyr Search", was published 1967 by John W. Campbell in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. It won the 1968 Hugo Award for best novella, voted by participants in the annual World Science Fiction Convention. The second Pern story "Dragonrider" won the 1969 Nebula Award for best novella, voted annually by the Science Fiction Writers of America. McCaffrey was the first woman to win any Nebula and the first woman to win a Hugo for a work of fiction.

"Weyr Search" covers the recruitment of a young woman named Lessa to establish a telepathic bond with a queen dragon at its hatching, and thus to become a dragonrider and the leader of a Weyr community. "Dragonrider" covers the growth of queen dragon Ramoth and the training of Lessa and Ramoth. Editor Campbell requested "to see dragons fighting Thread", the menace from space; he also suggested time travel. McCaffrey put it all together. The third story "Crack Dust, Black Dust" was not separately published but provided material to fix-up all as the first Pern novel, Dragonflight (Ballantine Books, 1968).

If John Campbell was the midwife to Dragonflight, with its major components published as award-winning novellas, agent Virginia Kidd and editor Betty Ballantine provided crucial advice and assistance in the struggle with a sequel, Dragonquest. It was almost complete and the contract for another sequel was signed before the 1970 move to Ireland. Both Ballantine and fellow writer Andre Norton made suggestions for the mutant white dragon.

Readers waited a long time for the completion of the original trilogy. It did not progress until 1974/75, when the New England Science Fiction Association invited McCaffrey to its annual convention Boskone as Guest of Honor, which included the special publication of a novella for sale on site. She wrote A Time When which would become the first part of The White Dragon

Finally The White Dragon was released beside new editions of the first two Pern books, with cover art illustrated by Michael Whelan. It was the first science fiction book by a woman on The New York Times Best Seller list and the cover painting is still in print from Whelan. The artists share some credit for their career breakthroughs.

Pern forever
She said of collaboration with Todd and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, "while I would dearly love to have the energy to tell a tale all on my own, I really cannot say that I am not ably represented with my collaborations." Doing Pern with Todd she was mainly "making suggestions or being a sounding board." According to Todd, she said that three people may write in her universe, her children Todd and Gigi, and Ceara, her granddaughter by Todd.

Anne McCaffrey died aged 85 on 21 November 2011 at her home in Ireland after suffering a stroke.

Locus: The magazine of the science fiction & fantasy field (August 1987) ranked two of the eight extant Pern novels among the 33 "All-Time Best Fantasy Novels", based on a poll of subscribers: Dragonflight #9 and The White Dragon #23. Commenting on the Locus list, David Pringle calls them "arguably science fiction rather than fantasy proper" and names McCaffrey one "leading practitioner" of the planetary romance type of science fiction.

The author considered most of her work science fiction and enjoyed "cutting them short when they call me a 'fantasy' writer." All the Pern books are science fiction because dragons were genetically engineered by the Pern colonists. Regarding science she said, "I don't keep up with developments, but I do find an expert in any field in which I must explain myself and the science involved." Astronomer Steven Beard often helped with science questions and she acknowledged the reproductive biologist Jack Cohen several times.

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame citation of Anne McCaffrey summarizes her genre as "science fiction, though tinged with the tone and instruments of fantasy" and her reputation as "a writer of romantic, heightened tales of adventure explicitly designed to appeal-and to make good sense to-a predominantly female adolescent audience."

McCaffrey said in a 2000 that her "readers are [NOT] predominately of an age or sex group. Dragons have a universal appeal!" Formerly it was another matter:

I started writing s-f in the late 50's early 60's when readership was predominantly male. And their attitudes unreconstructed. [... Women] began reading s-f and fantasy and, by preference, women writers. My stories had themes and heroines they could relate to. And did. I never had any trouble with editors and publishers. I had trouble getting male readers to believe I was serious, and a good enough writer to interest them.

The American Library Association in 1999 gave McCaffrey the 11th Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in writing for young adults, citing The Ship Who Sang (1969) and the first six Pern books-those sometimes called the "original trilogy" and the "Harper Hall trilogy".

McCaffrey's first novel was Restoree, published by Ballantine Books in 1967. Unlike most science fiction books of the era, Restoree's heroine is a strong willed, intelligent woman who is willing and able to think for herself and act on her own initiative. McCaffrey was widely quoted as saying that Restoree was intended as a "jab" at how women were usually portrayed in science fiction.

Federated Sentient Planets universe
Several of McCaffrey's series and more than half her books are set in a universe governed by the "Federated Sentient Planets" or "Federation" or "FSP". Though Pern's history is strongly connected to the Federation, McCaffrey only used the Federation as a background for storytelling, and did not consider her different 'worlds' to be part of the same universe.

Dragonriders of Pern series
McCaffrey's most famous works are the Dragonriders of Pern series. These are set on a planet known as Pern, settled by colonists from Earth. The advanced technology of their ancestors has been lost, so the inhabitants of Pern have reverted to a society similar to Earth's medieval times. However, before the loss of this advanced technology, the original colonists produced genetically engineered dragons. These dragons are now flown by elite "dragonriders", who communicate telepathically with their dragons. Together they defend Pern against pernicious "thread" which cross space periodically from a nearby planet (the so-called "red star") and threaten to destroy all vegetation on Pern.

The Brain & Brawn Ship series
The Brain & Brawn Ship series comprises seven novels. Only the first was written by Anne McCaffrey alone, a fix-up of five previously published stories.

The stories of this series deal with the various adventures of 'shell-people' who, as infants, due to illness or birth defects (genetic or developmental), have had to be hard-wired into a life support system. With sensory input and motor nerves tied into a computer, they serve as starship pilots or colony administrators, seeing and feeling the colony or ship as an extension of their own body. They perform this job to pay off their debt for education and hardware, and then in whatever capacity they choose once the debt is paid, as free agents.

It is generally considered impossible for a person to make the necessary adjustments to become a shell unless it is done at a very early age (under 2-3 years old). A notable exception is in The Ship Who Searched where the Shell-person was 7 at the time she became quadriplegic.

The Ship books are set in the same universe as the Crystal Singer books, as Brainship-Brawn pairings were characters in the second and third volumes of that series.

The Crystal universe
The Crystal universe is the setting for five books including the Crystal Singer trilogy. The first book, and first of the trilogy, The Crystal Singer (1982) is a fix-up of four stories published in 1974/1975.

The Crystal Singer series revolves around the planet Ballybran. Under a permanent biohazard travel restriction, Ballybran is home to one of the FSP's wealthiest, yet most reclusive organizations-the Heptite Guild. Source of invaluable crystals vital to various industries, the Heptite Guild is known to require absolute, perfect pitch in hearing and voice for all applicants, especially those seeking to mine crystal by song. The second and third books feature brainships that were not main characters in the Brain & Brawn Ship series.

The Ireta series, as catalogued by the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, comprises five novels, two "Dinosaur Planets" by Anne McCaffrey 1978 and 1984, and three "Planet Pirates" written with co-authors in the 1990s.

They share a fictional premise and some characters and some events overlap. "Dinosaur Planets" follow the Exploration and Evaluation Corps team on the planet Ireta, who did not expect to find dinosaurs. In "Planet Pirates", all is not well in the FSP: pirates attack the spacelanes. Survivors on Ireta and survivors of space pirate attacks join forces.

The Talents universe
"The Talents Universe", as catalogued by the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, comprises two series: "Talent" and "The Tower and Hive". They share one fictional premise. Eight books, all by Anne McCaffrey alone, are rooted in her second story (1959) and three stories published in 1969.

The Talents universe involves a society built around the Talents of telepathic, telekinetic individuals who become integral to the connectivity of interstellar society.

The Barque Cat series
This series covers the origin of the barque cats in the Tower and Hive series.

Two civilizations in near-identical circumstances-an overlarge, lethargic population and a tragic history with sentient aliens-end up attempting to colonize the same planet by accident. What the humans don't know is that the people they've misidentified as nomadic natives are actually more technically advanced than themselves-and under no such illusions regarding them. The books are set in the time of "Amalgamated Worlds" but a sentence in chapter ten of Crisis at Doona hints that there is "a desire to form a Federation of Sentient Planets". This sets the books just prior to the FSP universe of much of the author's work.

Petaybee universe
The Petaybee universe comprises two trilogies, "Powers" and "The Twins of Petaybee" by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.

The Freedom series
The Freedom series or "Catteni Sequence" comprises one 1970 short story and four Freedom novels written 1995 to 2002.

Acorna universe
The "Acorna Universe series" comprises ten novels published 1997 to 2007, seven sometimes called Acorna and three sometimes called Acorna's Children. The first two were written by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball, the rest by McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.

Other works
McCaffrey has also published two short story collections, several romances and young adult fantasies.

Her nonfiction includes two cookery books and a book about dragons.

She collaborated closely with musicians Tania Opland and Mike Freeman in the creation of two CDs: "The Masterharper of Pern" and "Sunset's Gold," based on her own lyrics and the music described in her Pern novels.

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Music loud and cosplay girls
Its the best con around
In the whole world

And now it's all right, it's ok
Don't worry that people look away
Here people do understand
Steam Punk style's effect on man

Whether you're a cosplayer
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you're Archon 3-5, ARchon 3-5
Feel Collinsville breakin
and everybody shakin'
and we're Archon 3-5, Archon 3-5
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Ah, ha, ha, ha, Archon 3-5

Well the Mad scientist tea party
Caffinates the conner's brains to be smarty
Each year has its own very own theme
Lots of cookies, cakes, and various teas

You know it's all right, it's ok
I'll arrive to cons in cosplay
Here people do understand
Steam Punk style's effect on man

Whether you're a cosplayer
or whether you're a gamer
you're Archon 3-5, ARchon 3-5
Feel Collinsville breakin
and everybody shakin'
and we're Archon 3-5, Archon 3-5
Ah, ha, ha, ha, Archon 3-5, Archon 3-5
Ah, ha, ha, ha, Archon 3-5

All those Cosplayers
Out on a parade
At the masquerade, yeah
All those Cosplayers
At the masquerade, yeah
Archon 3-5

Well you can tell
by the way I use my walk
I'm a Archon man
no time to talk
Music loud and cosplay girls
Its the best con around
In the whole world

And now it's all right, it's ok
Don't worry that people look away
Here people do understand
Steam Punk style's effect on man

Whether you're a cosplayer
or whether you're a gamer
you're Archon 3-5, ARchon 3-5
Feel Collinsville breakin
and everybody shakin'
and we're Archon 3-5, Archon 3-5
Ah, ha, ha, ha, Archon 3-5, Archon 3-5
Ah, ha, ha, ha, Archon 3-5

All those Cosplayers
Out on a parade
At the masquerade, yeah
It's Archon 3-5...
It's Archon 3-5...

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"The Wall of Ub3r D0ods"

Every now and then
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An Ubb3r D0od

Who pwns them all
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So we made you a place you can stay
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The Wall of Ub3r D0ods!

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Not with paypal
Leave me alone now
Not with a card
Go before I hit you hard.
I do not want to buy WoW gold
That spam is getting old.

Buy it and you may
Like it I say

This is my stick of boom
You should leave real soon.
I bought it at S-Mart
It's pointed at your heart
I'll say it nice ok
Please leave before I blow you away.

I can see your too busy now
To buy some gold of WoW
I'll check with you at a later date
To offer you values that are first rate.


Oops finger slipped.
Well one less spammer wont be missed

Our Archon Adventure!

Well useally we find ourselves hip deep in demons this time of year releashed by Pandora's Box, who then go around IJ Studios Running amock, dissassembling Tachi. Apparently they missed the invite this year, or maybe the Dragon scared them off. Anyway it was a nice change of pace, especially for Tachi. We do however have something to share with you this month however. It's our Archon 35 adventure! For those who don't know, ARchon is a sci-fi(not syfy)/fantasy/recently anime convention, that has been going on in the Mid West for 35 years! Yes one of the oldes of it's kind is smack dabbed in the middle of the United States of AMerica. Anyway I tend to go there to have fun, meet old friends, make new ones, and do a little self promoting. It occurs on Octobers first weekend going from Friday to Sunday. Friday Is basically them setting up, Sunday is basically them putting things away. Not that there isn't cool things going on those days, but Saturday is the big day. They have raves, contentests, lots of venders, lots of panals, reading by authors, and a Masquerade. It is really fun, and I suggest you all go. Maybe you'll even see me!

Day 1
Saddly could not afford a room this year. Fortunatly It is divable for me and I got to bed early the night before and as such was able to get up early and arrive and register before it opened and I missed any events. Ths year it was held in the wonderful

Collinsville Gate Way Center
It was pretty neat and I got to meet some amazing people like

Haruhi "Mandy" Suzumiya

Team Rocket

The Great A'Tuin!!!!

A blood elf

Wei He was on patrol
And many more!

The highlight of the day Wad the Mad Scientist Tea Party. As a memeber of the MSG I had to go. They were serving tea, and cakes, perfect to give congoers a boost.
Steam powered science!

The true Tea Party

Munchies and crunchies

Must not look away, yet must not stare!

Why can't the octopus ever handle his brew?
Well this is but a small part of what happaned there. I had to head home though to get a good night sleep for the main day.

Day 2
The second day is a much grander even as everyone has had a chance to set up their booths, all the big name people have arrivied and all those who could only get off for the weekend show up.

Yarrrr give me your booty!

This is how you get through Archon.


Hi Karren!

It's Sonny Strait, and some looser who ruined a perfectly good shot.

The real reason to go to ARchon 35 though is the Masquerade.

So many more but this is a sample.
Again it was off to head home to get a good nights sleep.

Day 3
Ahh the last day. The saddest day as vendors pack up their wares and head off. If you are quick you can buy some. I bought some nifty goggles to go steampunk'n. At a panal, a woman then said goggles do not equal steam punk! WHat? Then she said that don't let anyone tell you what is and what is not steampunk! What? A saw the Filk, The Great Luke Ski, who gave me permission to play his music on my site. and the closing ceremonies. It was a fun sad day. Afterwards I went back home.

Cobra pwns Gi Joe!

No one pwns Voltron!

Unless you have a spear and magic helmet!


Good bye ARchon
During the closing ceremonies I met a woman who was part of a gaming company who asked me to help test their upcoming game. Yes I get to be a Beta Tester! So of course I accepted. Well that is it and my last con of the year, till next time!

Now its time for...

Weathered its carried by electrons or a snail
It never ever fails
To make us scream and wail
When ever we get mail!

Hey, how can i send you mp3 for broadcast?



Well you may be able to send it as an attachment, send a cd, or use yousendit.com for large files. A single mp3 may be attachable.

IJ Dee-Vo

Our Geek Highlight.

Our geek highlight comes with a bit of heart filled sadness as we lose a real game changer the first half of this month. He was a giant in the computer industry, an inovater who changed the way we all interact with computers, and the way they interact with us. You can't sling a fiber optic cable without it touching his influence. He was a dreamer, maker, one who had his hand in the advances of hardware, software, networking, and the growth of the entire industry. And that is why we pay tribute to him, the most world of computer changing geek that we lost this month of October 2011

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie (b. September 9, 1941; found dead October 12, 2011), was an American computer scientist who "helped shape the digital era." He created the C programming language and, with long-time colleague Ken Thompson, the UNIX operating system. Ritchie and Thompson received the Turing Award from the ACM in 1983, the Hamming Medal from the IEEE in 1990 and the National Medal of Technology from President Clinton in 1999. Ritchie was the head of Lucent Technologies System Software Research Department when he retired in 2007. He was the 'R' in K&R C and commonly known by his username dmr.

Ritchie was born in Bronxville, New York. His father was Alistair E. Ritchie, a longtime Bell Labs scientist and co-author of The Design of Switching Circuits on switching circuit theory. He moved with his family to Summit, New Jersey, as a child, where he graduated from Summit High School.

Ritchie graduated from Harvard University with degrees in physics and applied mathematics. In 1967, he began working at the Bell Labs Computing Sciences Research Center, and in 1968, he received a PhD from Harvard under the supervision of Patrick C. Fischer, his doctoral dissertation being "Program Structure and Computational Complexity".

C and Unix
Ritchie was best known as the creator of the C programming language, a key developer of the UNIX operating system, and co-author of The C Programming Language, and was the 'R' in K&R (a common reference to the book's authors Kernighan and Ritchie). Ritchie worked together with Ken Thompson, the scientist credited with writing the original Unix; one of Ritchie's most important contributions to Unix was its porting to different machines and platforms.

The C language is widely used today in application, operating system, and embedded system development, and its influence is seen in most modern programming languages. UNIX has also been influential, establishing concepts and principles that are now precepts of computing.

Ritchie was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1988 for "development of the 'C' programming language and for co-development of the UNIX operating system."


Turing Award
Ken Thompson and Dennis RitchieIn 1983, Ritchie and Thompson received the Turing Award for their development of generic operating systems theory and specifically for the implementation of the UNIX operating system. Ritchie's Turing Award lecture was titled "Reflections on Software Research".

IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal
In 1990, both Ritchie and Thompson received the IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), "for the origination of the UNIX operating system and the C programming language".

Fellow of the Computer History Museum
In 1997, both Ritchie and Thompson were made Fellows of the Computer History Museum, "for co-creation of the UNIX operating system, and for development of the C programming language."

National Medal of Technology
Thompson (left) and Ritchie (center) receiving the National Medal of Technology from President Clinton in 1999On April 21, 1999, Thompson and Ritchie jointly received the National Medal of Technology of 1998 from President Bill Clinton for co-inventing the UNIX operating system and the C programming language which, according to the citation for the medal, "led to enormous advances in computer hardware, software, and networking systems and stimulated growth of an entire industry, thereby enhancing American leadership in the Information Age".

Japan Prize
In 2011, Ritchie, along with Thompson, was awarded the Japan Prize for Information and Communications for his work in the development of the Unix operating system.

Death and legacy Ritchie was found dead on October 12, 2011, at the age of 70 at his home in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, where he lived alone. First news of his death came from his former colleague, Rob Pike. The cause and exact time of death have not been disclosed. He had been in frail health for several years following treatment for prostate cancer and heart disease. His death came a week after the death of Steve Jobs, although Ritchie's death did not receive as much media coverage. Computer historian Paul E. Ceruzzi said after his death: "Ritchie was under the radar. His name was not a household name at all, but... if you had a microscope and could look in a computer, you'd see his work everywhere inside."

The Fedora 16 Linux distribution, which was released about a month after he died, was dedicated to his memory.

Notable books Ritchie engaged in conversation in a chalet in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City at the 1984 Usenix conferenceUnix Programmer's Manual (1971)
The C Programming Language (1978 with Brian Kernighan

No geek who died this month has contributed quite as much, though

Ashawna Hailey

John McCarthy
come close.

New ghosts haunting your house this Halloween.

Sholom Rivkin

Ruby Langford Ginibi
Len Castle(pothead)
David Bedford
George E. Ballard(jazz man)

Piero Weiss
John Romonosky
Taha Muhammad Ali
Andrija Fuderer(master)

David I. Mitchell
Aden Meinel(opologist)
Mikko Laine
Bodo-Wolfhard Hertsch
Kay Armen

Jay Whitehead(king of games)
Muzaffer Tema
Shmuel Shilo(knew how to get there)
Hanan Porat
Diana Gribble
Daisy DeBolt
Kenneth H. Dahlberg
Yelena Chernykh

Goksin Sipahioglu

Fred Shuttlesworth

Billy Naylor(minature deliquent)

Charles Napier(green and mean)

Bert Jansch
Enver Faja

Meta de Vries
Igor Shmakov(yeth mathter)
Marilyn Nash(went to an unkown world)
Gadzhi Gamsatow
William S. Dietrich II

Diane Cilento(bond girl)
Bess Bonnier(jazz hands)

Avner Treinin(the art of chemical reactions)
Milan Puskar
Michel Georges Francois Peissel
Andrew Laszlo(final frontiersman)

Paul Kent(recived khans wrath)

George Baker(number 2 on the island)
John Alderson Commander of the Order of the British Empire


Ingvar Wixell
Roger Williams

Mikey Welsh
Piet Noordijk(saxamaphone)
David Hess

Ljubo Stipisic
Edward Loper, Sr.
Rob Buckman(laughter, apparently not the best medicine)
Bill Brown

Kei Aoyama

Jyohji Yanagi

Jagjit Singh
Ewald Osers
Ulf Lofgren
Ray Aghayan(cosplaying for money)

Jose Vasconcelos

Frank Kameny
Freddie Gruber(jazzn)
Bob Galvin
Marion Ryan
George "Mojo" Buford(jojo)
Kim Brown

Martin White(hurled for fame)

Dennis Ritchie(C man)
Paul Leka
Dieudonne Kabongo
Lowell H. Harrison
Peter Hammond(unknown)
Lambert Giebels
Joel DiGregorio(went down georgia)

Patricia Breslin(shatners wife)

Pavlina Nikaj
Barbara Kent(no speaking part)
Chris Doig
Sheila Allen(drank from the goblet of fire)


Ashawna Hailey(spiced chips)
Esther Vickery

Chuck Ruff

Margaret Draper
Theron Brison


Betty Driver


Pete Rugolo(jazz hands)
Charles Hamm(music is a science not an art)
Elouise Pepion Cobell, Yellow Bird Woman
Henry Bathurst, 8th Earl Bathurst

Piri Thomas

Andrea Zanzotto
Jacques Thuillier
Friedrich Kittler(end of writing)
Paul Everac

Norman Corwin(the golden age)
Ramaz Chkhikvadze
George Chaloupka(rock on)
Bob Brunning

Keith Williams(made the land and sea)
Lars Sjosten(testifying)

Bohdan Osadchuk
Earl Gilliam


Roger Tallon(industrous)
Morris Tabaksblat(ditto)
Sue Lloyd(pinks revenge)
Barry Feinstein(almost an einstein)

Jerzy Bielecki

Edmundo Ros

Tone Pavcek
Anis Mansour
Yann Fouere
Freddie Ferrara

George Daniels(time lord)
Rudolph Byrd

Robert Pierpoint

Peter Goldie

Bogdan Zakrzewski
Bronislovas Lubys
William Franklin Lee III(jazzn up the night)
Florence Parry Heide

Herbert A. Hauptman(for science)
Henk Pleket


Ken Yamaguchi
Bruno Weber
Sir Peter Graham Siddell

John McCarthy (had a lisp)
Morio Kita
Gene Kurtz
Kjell Johansson
Liviu Ciulei

Norrie Woodhall
Bernard Verdcourt(plants and bugs and slugs)

Jona Senilagakali
Aristide Laurent
Mickey Kelly(famous for hurling)
Salvador Bernal

David Wicks
Robert Pritzker(engineering industry)
James Hillman
T. Max Graham(huh?)

Walter Norris(saxamaphone)

Jiri Grusa

Beryl Davis


Sir Jimmy Savile
Robert Lamoureux

Axel Axgil

George Rountree
Jiri Winter Neprakta
Giles McCrary

Jonas Kubilius(probabilities of number)

Tom Keith(little companion on the prarie home

Jose Reyez Meza
Gilbert Cates
Liz Anderson

We are done with you. Leave.

Wazzzuuuptember 30 2011
What's new?
1. A new robot review.
2. New PC and mac.
3. 2 new songs!
4. New comming up.
5. Past wents updated.
6. What's new updated.
7. New bio.
8. 20 new listeners! That gives us 354!
9. Apparently we are liked in Antlantis!

10. Our counter broke. Maybe from all the vistors we recieved.
11. New intro
12. New tribute to people who died.
13. A special in dept one for a real game changer.
14. Our MoBoJapFest expierence.
15. New Stats.
16. We know can have 50 more free listeners at anygiven time giving us 150!

It's PC and mac.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Oh my what to choose?

Mac: You and those choices, what are you up to now?

PC: Trying to decide what flash game to play.

Mac: Hah I never have that problem.

PC: Why is that?

Mac: I allways make the same choice.

PC: What choice is that?

Mac: None. I don't support flash.

PC: But Flash is everywhere!

Mac: Not here.

PC: Lots of sites use flash.

Mac: None that anyone needs.

PC: Determined by who?

Mac: Me of course.

PC: But what will people do?

Mac: Do without, or change their sites and games to something I support.

PC: So you refuse to let people make use of a common standard, and force them to use a priority one?

Mac: One that I will have complete control of, and decide who can have it and what it's used for.

PC: And you expect with that atitude that people will choose your products?

Mac: Yes. I will tell people what to do, how to do it, when, where, and with what...AND THEY WILL DO IT FOR I AM MAC AND EVERYONE MUST DO WHAT I WANT! It's not like they have a choice.

PC: Not while mine are cheaper, more powerful, more customizeable, and more verstile...and can use flash.

Inspired by mac, we bring you this song.

-In tune of Yael Naim's "New Soul"-
"Mac Air"

I'm a Mac Air
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit how to lie and take
But since I came here, to spread evil and fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake

La, la, la, la (21x)
La, la, la, la (21x)

See I'm a Mac Air in this very strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit how to sell something fake
But why all this hate? for products second rate
Finding suckers to fool, giving promises to break

La, la, la, la (21x)
La, la, la, la (21x)

This is a tragic end
Cause people understand
Everything I have done
Why's everything so wrong

This is a tragic end
Your money you wont hand
For me to take away

I'm a Mac Air
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit how to lie and take
But since I came here, to spread evil and fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake

Mac Air... (la, la, la, la,...)
In this very strange world...
Every possible mistake
Possible mistake
Every possible mistake
Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes...

And inspired by our MoBoJapFest adventure we bring you...


It's the MoBoJapFest
Cause I'm to lazy to spell the rest
Of all of MoBo's events its the best

If you happen to go
You can see sumo
Listen to the taiko

You can spend the day
Catch a tragic puppet play
Carry the Omikoshi along the way

It really is nice
Worth the price
A guy chainsaws a bird from ice

If you so wish
You can feed koi fish
Then devour a sushi dish

Buy swag from a japaneese stand
Eating Pokey is grand
So lets give them a hand

Our MoBoJapFest Adventure!

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again, bewteen NatsuCon and Archon! And how do we will in that gap? With the MoBoJapFest of course! So I drove all the way to the Missouri Botanical Gardens

for the Japanesse Festival.

It goes from Saturday to Monday but I could only make it Monday. Which was ok, if I had only one day to go it had to be that day because of one of my friends had a very imporant job there. There were Sumo Wrestlers.

An Omikoshi shrine

Lots of oragami

A guy made a sculpture in ice with a chainsaw.

There were taiko drums.

And my friend Anna Hilgert was there wailing on them!

Even Keroro got into the act!

It was really fun but very tiring. This was only a small sample of what was there. To see more please check out the pics at my face book page.
And the videos at my You tube channel.
Hope to see you there next year!

Our Geek Highlight.

Wilson Greatbatch
The man who mended the broken heart.

Wilson Greatbatch (September 6, 1919 September 27, 2011) was an American engineer and inventor who is most widely known as the inventor of the implantable cardiac pacemaker. He held more than 350 patents and was a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Lemelson-MIT Prize. Early years
Greatbatch was born in Buffalo, New York and attended public grade school at West Seneca East Senior High School West Seneca. He entered military service and served during World War II, becoming an aviation chief radioman before receiving an honorable discharge in 1945. He attended Cornell University as part of the GI Bill, graduating with a B.E.E. in electrical engineering in 1950; he received a master's degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1957.

The Chardack-Greatbatch pacemaker
The Chardack-Greatbatch pacemaker used Mallory mercuric oxide-zinc cells (mercury battery) for its energy source, driving a two transistor, transformer coupled blocking oscillator circuit, all encapsulated in epoxy resin, then coupled to electrodes placed into the myocardium of the patient's heart. This patented innovation led to the Medtronic company of Minneapolis commencing manufacture and further development of cardiac pacemakers.

The Greatbatch lithium-iodide battery cell
In 1968, Catalyst Research Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland developed and patented a lithium battery cell (USA patent 4049890). The cell used two elements at near ends of the electrochemical scale, causing a high voltage of 2.8V and an energy density near the physical maximum. Unfortunately, it had an internal impedance which limited its current load to under 0.1 mA and was thus considered useless.

Greatbatch sought to introduce this invention into the pacemaker industry, which could readily utilize a high impedance battery. The early work was conducted in a rented area of the former Wurlitzer Organ Factory in North Tonawanda, New York. Ralph Mead is understood to have headed the early electrochemical development. Greatbatch introduced the developed WG1 cell to pacemaker developers in 1971, and was met with limited enthusiasm. The lithium-iodide cell manufactured by WG is now the standard cell for pacemakers, having the energy density, low self-discharge, small size and reliability needed.

In the cell as developed for cardiac pacemaker application, the anode is lithium and the cathode a proprietary composition of iodine and poly-2-vinyl pyridine, neither of which is electrically conductive, however after processing by mixing and heating to ~ 150 C for 72 hours the components react with each other to form an electrically conductive viscous liquid which, while still molten, is poured into the cell where it cools to form a solid. When the liquid contacts the lithium anode it creates a monomolecular layer of semiconducting crystalline lithium iodide. As the cell is discharged by the current load of the pacemaker, the reaction between the lithium anode and iodine cathode forms a growing barrier of lithium iodide, which being resistive causes the terminal voltage of the cell to decrease approximately as an inverse function of the volume of the barrier. Pacemaker designers use this characteristic to permit detection of incipient 'end of life' of the pacemaker's lithium cell.

Greatbatch donated funds to Houghton College New York to create a graduate program in music.

Wilson Greatbatch died at the age of 92 on September 27, 2011.

Other people that died.


Irene Arlington JFK Oak(240 years young)

Kamal Salibi
Liu Huang A-tao

Bernard William Smith
Jehangir Sabavala

Trulshik Rinpoche
Noramfaizul Mohd Nor

Shrinivas Khale

John Hoover

Jag Mundhra

Bill Kunkel(gamemaster)
Hilde Heltberg
Hugh Fox
Victor Bussie

Princess Lalla Aicha of Morocco

Vann Nath
Salvatore Licitra
Charles S. Dubin
-pic- Angioletta Coradini(reached for the stars)


Wardell Quezergue(jazz man testifying)

George Kuchar

Michael S. Hart(made books extinct)

Archduke Felix of Austria
Dan David
Bruce Dan
Jordan Belson

Hiroe Yuki
Eddie Marshall(jazz'n)
Max Boisot

Get out of Jail free!

Dusan Trbojevic
Peter Sneath(it's the little things that matter)
Herbert Lomas

Valentino Braitenberg(studied the phsychology of vehicles)


Cliff Robertson(spider man could have saved him)
Graham Collier(jazzman)


Andy Whitfield(spartacus!)
Yuli Ofer
Arthur Evans


Wade Mainer(two fingers)
Ralph Lomma(golf king in small size now availible)
Bill Cash

Carl Oglesby

DJ Mehdi

Richard Hamilton

Paul Gallant(puzzled over the third dimension)
Wilma Lee Cooper
John Calley(a super man)


Rudolf Mossbauer(nobel scienctist)
Desmond FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin(last of the black knights)


Regina Smendzianka
Mo Rothman(bagged chaplin)
Khalid Abdel Nasser(taught like an egyptian)

Dorothy Harrell(the real snookie)

Frances Bay(just wouldnt die)


Tom Wilson(Ziggy's dad)

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
Stephen Mueller
Jean Leclant(digging up the dead)
William Hawthorne(dragon tamer)
Norma Eberhardt(returned dracula)
John P. Carroll(bully for him)


Kurt Sanderling

Eleanor Mondale
Colin Madigan

William F. May(chemicaloogist)
Tom Daly(you have imax because of him)

Jack Adler(dc not ac)


Johnny Raducanu(jazz hands)
Ginger McCain(red rum)
Dolores Hope


Robert Whitaker(shot beatles)
Arch West(discovered doritos)

Gaby Stenberg(loved a jackass)
Victor Blanchard Scheffer(nothing but mammals)
Michael Jarvis(horse playing)
Oscar Handlin
Frank Driggs(jazzing)

Paulette Dubost
John Du Cann(nuclear powered chicken)
Michael Julian Drake(head hunter)
Joe Abeywickrama


Vesta Williams

Knut Steen
Vic Roby
Whatumoana Paki

Margaret Ogola
Cengiz Dagci

Jonathan Cecil(galactic hitch hiker)
Peter E. Berger(trekkie)
Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi


Carl Wood(artificily created humans)
Douglas Stuart, 20th Earl of Moray

Emanuel Litvinoff

Konstantin Lerner(your move!)


Wangari Maathai(captain planet
Erling Lars Dale

Uan Rasey

Harry Muskee

Jerry Haynes(peppermint patty)
David Zelag Goodman(chased logan)
Jessy Dixon

Bob Cassilly(sculptured st louis)

Sergio Bonelli
Robert Blinc(magnets and crystals dont just belong to new age)

Cizia Zyke(its adventure time)
Johnnie Wright(hello kitty)
Johnny "Country" Mathis

Imre Makovecz
Wilson Greatbatch(cybernetic revolutionist)
Ida Fink
Sara Douglass(fantastic person)

David Croft(Laura's grandfather)

Nick Navarro(watch you going to do)

Heidi(not playing)

Pierre Dansereau(made nature a mother)
Patrick Collinson

Miriam Schmierer(older then autralia)
Sylvia Robinson
Nonie Lynch
Joanne Reeves(created the laws of physics)

Hella Haasse(heavenly body)

Marv Tarplin
Ralph M. Steinman(engaged in germ warware)
Arthur Norman(industrial person)

Ram Dayal Munda

Roger G. Kennedy(directed land)

Gaspar Henaine(good clean fun)
Lee Davenport(he is the voice that guides your car)

We leave you now. Feel free to cry.

Yarrrgust 31 2011
What's new?
1. A new robot review...finally.
2. New PC and mac.
3. 2 new songs!
4. New comming up.
5. Past wents updated.
6. What's new updated.
7. New bio.
8. New Q/A!
9. New name. We are no longer IJ Dee-Vo's Varity, but Geek'n Up The Night!!!.
10. We now have 16 new listeners! Giving us 334! This happened after the name change. Perhaps because of it.
11. We tell you what happened to us at Natsucon.
12. Stats updated. You may have noticed we have had our future stats predicted. How? Wizard Beard White.
13. New intro
14. New tribute to people who died.
15. A special in dept one for a real game changer. Remember when we used to do this?
16. New questions.
17. New answears.

In honor of mac and Jimmy Buffett we present to you...

-In tune of Jimmy Buffett's "Math Sucks"-
"Macs Suck"

If there is a reward for the world's worst invention
I would give it to the guy who invented this
Why would anyone buy it is beyond comprehension
Ignorence really must be bliss
Its made for someone simple
Who isn't good with technology
Who dosn't mind an overpriced buy
This transaction will give a subtraction
And the question is why
This giant failure, what could justify?

Macs suck (macs suck)
Macs suck (macs suck)
I'd like to burn this ibook, I hate this junk so much!
Macs suck (macs suck)
Macs suck (macs suck)
Sometimes I think that I don't know that much--But macs suck!

I got so bored with apples adds
I turned off the T.V.
They were promoting their products as some kind of theology
If they offered me to promote their items in exchange for all those bucks
I'd look at them and then yell, "Math Sucks!"

Macs suck (macs suck)
Macs suck (macs suck)
You don't even have to spell it, all you have to do is yell it
Macs suck (macs suck)
Macs suck (macs suck)
Sometimes I think that I don't know that much--But macs suck!

Lying, hypocricity, decieving, and trying to wash your brain
Fooling you that substance comes from fame(substance comes from fame)
Removing descions is their diobolical mission
Apples assult on free thinking is insane.
Their insulting others who just wont give in to them and agree
that they all need the same thing, no individuality
'Stead being good neighbors they're like siths with light sabers
Quacking like those cartoon ducks

Macs suck (quack quack)
Macs suck (quack quack)
You don't even have to spell it, all you have to do is yell it!
Macs suck (macs suck)
Macs suck (macs suck)
Sometimes I think that I don't know that much--But macs suck!
Macs suck, macs suck, macs suck the big one
Macs suck, macs suck, macs suck the big one
Macs suck, macs suck, big bad macs, macs suck the big one
Macs suck, macs suck, big bad macs, macs suck the big one
Macs suck, macs suck, macs suck the big one
Macs suck, macs suck, macs suck the big one
Macs suck, macs suck, big bad macs, macs suck the big one
Macs suck, macs suck, big bad macs, macs suck the big one
[repeat until end, fades out]

It's PC and mac.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Say Mac what are you doing?

Mac: Um...nothing...go away, just boring work like you do.

PC: Say that looks like you are doing some photo editing.

Mac: Well I am well known for my media manipulation skills.

PC: Say what is that?

Mac: WHat is what?

PC: This tablet.

Mac: Um it's mine.

PC: Odd It dosn't look like the ipad.

Mac: Well it's the ipad2.

PC: It looks a bit off.

Mac: Well its updated.

PC: But wait, it says "Samsung" on it.

Mac: No it doesn't.

PC: I see it right there.

Mac: Fine you got me. I am collecting data.

PC: WHat for?

Mac: For a copy rite inridgement lawsuit.

PC: Based on what?

Mac: Based on them copying the same screen format that my ipad2 has.

PC: Is that even something you can sue on?

Mac: It is when I am doing it. Even if its against the person I stole from.

PC: Wait what's this?

Mac: It's nothing?

PC: Nothing nothing, or Samsung nothing nothing.

Mac: Don't worry about it.

PC: It's your ipad2

Mac: No it isn't

PC: It says so on it.

Mac: No it doesn't.

PC: I see it right there!

Mac: WHat about it?

PC: Something doesn't look right.

Mac: Everything looks right.

PC: They don't look quite alike.

Mac: Yes they do. That's why iM suing

PC: Takes both and looks at them...: Wait a second.

Mac: No.

PC: This screan ratio is bigger then yours. You're trying to pull one of your quick rich schemes by lying and hurting others!

Mac: edits an image of the samsung, making it smaller till it's the same as the ipad2: Not anymore. see it's the same!

PC: But that tablets havn't changed.

Mac: But this picture is what I am using as evidence so that's what counts.

PC: But it's been altereded, you tampered with evidence.

Mac: Not when i do it.

PC: Are you saying its ok for you to break the law?

Mac: I'm saying whne I do it it's not breaking the law.

PC: Gee where have I heard that before?

Our Song celebrating Natsucon!

-In the tune of Fountains Of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom"-

NatsuCon has got it goin' on
NatsuCon has got it goin' on
NatsuCon has got it goin' on
NatsuCon has got it goin' on

Gateway, your conventions are realy cool (realy cool)
All that anime makes me drool (that makes me drool)
This August I will need to make a trip(make a trip)
To the place where all the cosplayers are allways so hip(allways so hip)

You know, I'm not the poor fanboy that I used to be
I'm otaku now, baby can't you see

NatsuCon has got it goin' on
It's all I want and I've waited for so long
Comic, can't you see you're just not the Con for me
I know it might be wrong but I'm in love with NatsuCon

NatsuCon has got it goin' on
NatsuCon has got it goin' on

Gateway, do you remember the first time I've gone(time I've gone)
I paid the fee and put my badge on(badge on)
You could tell I liked it from the way I stared(the way I stared)
At the costumes and events they had over there(they had over there)

Anime, science fiction, and fantasy
? Gateway since you hosted cons you could use a geek like me

NatsuCon has got it goin' on
It's all I want and I've waited for so long
Comic, can't you see you're just not the Con for me
I know it might be wrong,
But I'm in love with NatsuCon

NatsuCon has got it goin' on
It's all I want and I've waited for so long
Comic, can't you see you're just not the Con for me
I know it might be wrong but oh oh
(I know it might be wrong)
I'm in love with (NatsuCon oh oh)
(NatsuCon oh oh)
I'm in love with NatsuCon

Our Natsucon Adventure!

Well this month we are going to do something abit different. I went to Natsucon, a midwestern anime convention. I didn't have the money to get a room but fortunatly it was relativly close to IJ Studios. It is quite young, I think this is it's third year but allready it is quite popular! So lets start. It was held at the

GateWay Center at Collinsville Illinois!
I saw many old friends and made new ones.
Day 1
Starting off I went to the opening ceremonies, featuring "The Internet", Samurai Dan, The Nerdfit Network, Losing controllers, and others. I met Kinimoto Sakura, Gumby, varius members of the Soul Society, the Dark Magicine Girl, Pyramid Head, Wei He, Satoh Yuka, and many others. I went to see Samurai Dan get beat up by his wife. I attended a date auction featuring my friend

Jax Heath.
I did Bid on her. I did not win. I did help get it to 170 dollars though! She is well worth it and more She ended up having a steak dinner and had a great time. It was all so fun. AFter the data auction it was time to pack up and head home. As it was getting late, and I live a ways off, and I wanted to get home in time to get to bed and be up early to return.
Day 2.
What a day! I saw my friend Ann Hilbert, Misty, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, Sailor V L, the Tardis and many others. I attended a steampunk panal where some guys talked about the airship that they were making, and backed it up with pics. I went to a Vocaloid panal. I went to the Losing Controlers Concert. I also went to the costume contest featuring many of my friends! Again I went back to IJ Studios early to be back early at the last day.
Day 3
I met a chocobo, Charizard, Higoshi Kagome, N, my friend Evalyn Lund, my friend Karren Smith and many others. and my friend

Satoh Yuka's concert.
She was very good! I went to a Ramen Worm Eating Contest! I went to a swim suit contest featuring my friends

Wei He

Jax Heath
Finally I rocked out at the closing ceremonies. You can see all of the pics at my face book page.
And the videos at my You tube channel.
Hope to see you there next year!

Our Geek Highlight.

George Devol

George Charles Devol, Jr. (February 20, 1912 August 11, 2011) was an American inventor who was awarded the patent for Unimate, the first industrial robot. Devol's patent for the first digitally operated programmable robotic arm represented the foundation of the modern robotics industry.

As an inventor he had over 40 patents and was president of Devol Research. Devol has resided in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Wilton, Connecticut operating a robot consulting business.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1912, Devol was interested from boyhood in all things electrical and mechanical such as boats, airplanes, and engines.

He got some practical experience at Riordan Prep, where, in addition to studying traditional subjects, he helped construct some buildings and run the school's electric light plant. Although he wasn't very scholarly he read everything he could about mechanical devices, trying to discover what, besides building radios, could be done with vacuum tubes when applied as control devices.

United Cinephone
Choosing to forego higher education, in 1932 Devol went into business, forming United Cinephone to produce variable area recording directly onto film for the new sound motion pictures ("talkies"). However, he later learned that companies like RCA and Western Electric were working in the same area, and decided to discontinue the product.

At that time, Devol asked himself "what else can we do with all these photocells and vacuum tubes?"

Devol decided that United Cinephone needed inventions in order to sell its photoelectric switches. One of Devol's first inventions was the automatic door. United Cinephone licensed Devol's invention to Yale & Towne who manufactured the "Phantom Doorman" photoelectric door. This was the first automatic opening door, now ubiquitous in grocery stores and elsewhere. United Cinephone also manufactured many of its own products using photoelectric cells and vacuum tube control systems. Among these was a very early bar code system that was used for sorting packages at the Railway Express Company, years before others would separately come up with similar technology.

United Cinephone also manufactured Orthoplane lighting, another product Devol patented, for garment factories. United Cinephone also invented the first optical registration controls for color offset printing presses and packaging machinery. The company also manufactured phonograph arms and amplifiers. In fact, Devol installed amplifiers at the Cotton Club and enjoyed watching Count Basie, Fred Waring and others, occasionally taking in the after-hours jam sessions.

In 1939 United Cinephone installed automated photoelectric counters at New York World's Fair to count customers entering the fairgrounds.

World War II
In 1939, Devol applied for a patent for proximity controls for use in laundry press machines, based on a radio frequency field. This control would automatically open and close laundry presses when workers approached the machines. Once the war began, Devol was advised by the patent office that his patent application would be placed on hold for the duration of the conflict.

Around the time the World War II began, Devol sold his interest in United Cinephone and approached Sperry Gyroscope to see if they were interested in his ideas on radar technology. He was retained by Sperry as manager of the Special Projects Department that developed radar devices and microwave test equipment.

Later in the war, he approached Auto-Ordnance Company regarding products that company could produce aside from their primary product line, which were Thompson submachine guns. Devol told them that the field of radar counter-measures was about to emerge as an urgently needed defense technology.

In 1943, he organized General Electronics Industries in Greenwich, Connecticut, as a subsidiary of the Auto Ordinance Corporation. General Electronics produced counter-radar devices until the end of the War. General Electronics was one of the largest producers of radar and radar counter-measure equipment for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Air Force and other government agencies. The company's radar counter-measure systems were on allied planes on D-Day.

Over a difference of opinion regarding the future of certain projects, Devol resigned from Auto Ordinance and joined RCA. After a short stint as eastern sales manager of electronics products, which he felt "wasn't his ball of wax", Devol left RCA to develop ideas that eventually led to the patent application for the first industrial robot. In 1946 he applied for a patent on a magnetic recording system for controlling machines and a digital playback device for machines.

Other post-war work

Devol was part of the team that developed the first commercial use of microwave oven technology, the Speedy Weeny, which automatically cooked and dispensed hotdogs in places such as Grand Central Terminal.

In the early 1950s, Devol licensed his digital magnetic recording device to Remington Rand of Norwalk, CT and became manager of their magnetics department. There he worked with a team to develop his magnetic recording system for business data applications. He also worked on developing the first high-speed printing systems. While the magnetic recording system proved too slow for business data, Devol's invention was re-purposed as a machine control that would eventually become the "brains" of the Unimate robot.

The first industrial robot: Unimate

In the 1940s, Devol wasn't thinking about robots. Instead, he was focusing on manipulators and his patent on magnetic recording devices. He felt the world was ready for new ideas as he saw the introduction of automation into factories during this time.

In 1954, Devol applied for patent on Programmed Article Transfer that introduced the concept of Universal Automation or Unimation; U.S. Patent 2,988,237 was issued in 1961. At the suggestion of Devol's wife, Evelyn, the word "Unimate" was coined to define the product, much the same as George Eastman had coined Kodak.

When he filed the patent for a programmable method for transferring articles, he wrote, "the present invention makes available for the first time a more or less general purpose machine that has universal application to a vast diversity of applications where cyclic digital control is desired." Devol's patent for the first digitally operated programmable robotic arm represents the foundation of the modern robotics industry.

After applying for this seminal patent which had not a single prior citation Devol searched for a company willing to give him financial backing to develop his programmable articles transfer system. He talked with many major corporations in the United States during his search. Through family connections, Devol obtained an audience with a partner in the firm Manning, Maxwell and Moore. Joseph F. Engelberger, at that time, was chief of engineering in the aircraft products division at Manning, Maxwell and Moore in Stratford, Connecticut. Engelberger was very interested, and Devol agreed to license Manning, Maxwell and Moore his patent and some future patents in the field. Just as this decision was being made, however, Dresser Industries bought Manning, Maxwell and Moore and didn't see the need for its aircraft division and its industrial robot patent licenses.

This development prompted Engelberger to seek a backer to buy out the aircraft division and found one in Consolidated Diesel Electronic (Condec), which agreed to put up the financing for the continued development of the robot. This new Condec division was called Unimation Incorporated with Joseph Engelberger as its president.

The first Unimate prototypes were controlled by vacuum tubes used as digital switches though later versions used transistors. Further, the "off-the-shelf" parts available in the late 1950s, such as digital encoders, were not adequate for the Unimate's purpose, and as a result, with Devol's guidance and a team of skilled engineers, Unimation designed and machined practically every part in the first Unimates. They also invented a variety of new technologies, including a unique rotating drum memory system with data parity controls.

In 1960, Devol personally sold the first Unimate robot, which was shipped in 1961 from Danbury, Connecticut to General Motors. GM first used the machine for die casting handling and spot welding. The first Unimate robot was installed at GM's Inland Fisher Guide Plant in Ewing Township, New Jersey in 1961 to lift hot pieces of metal from a die-casting machine and stack them. Soon companies such as Chrysler, Ford, and Fiat saw the necessity for large Unimate purchases.

Approximately $5 million was spent to develop the first Unimate. In 1966, after many years of market surveys and field tests, full scale production began in Connecticut. Unimation's first production robot was a materials handling robot and was soon followed by robots for welding and other applications.

The Unimate also appeared on The Tonight Show hosted by Johnny Carson.

In 2003 the Unimate was inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame.

In 1975, Unimation showed its first profit. In 1978, the PUMA (Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly) robot was developed by Unimation from Vicarm (Victor Scheinman) and with support from General Motors.

In 2005, Popular Mechanics magazine selected Devol's Unimate as one of the Top 50 Inventions of the Past 50 Years.

Additional work
Devol later obtained patents on visual and tactile sensors for robots, coaxial connectors, non-refillable containers, and magnetostrictive manipulators or "microrobotics", a field he created.

Elected to honorary member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (1985)
Inducted into the National Inventor's Hall of Fame (2011)
Member of the Automation Hall of Fame
Henry Ford and Smithsonian Museum collections both include Unimate robots

Devol died on August 11, 2011, age 99, at his home in Wilton, Connecticut. He was survived two daughters, two sons, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Other people that died.

Chieko N. Okazaki

Florentina Gomez Miranda
Stan Barstow

Jose Sanchis Grau(cbg)
Venere Pizzinato
Richard Pearson(the mole)
Attilio Pavesi
Andrey Kapitsafound largest lake in the driest dessert)
DeLois Barrett Campbell
Ralph Berkowitz
Baruj Benacerraf(extreme germaphobe)
Leslie Esdaile Banks(vimpire slayer)


Bubba Smith(hightower)
William Sleator(Pigs...In..SPACE!!!!!!!!)
Nikolai Arnoldovich Petrov(piano man)

Simona Monyova
Andrew McDermott
Ingrid Luterkort
Annette Charles
Rudolf Brazda


Conrad Schnitzler
Michael Bukht


Francesco Quinn(transformed)
Hazel Johnson-Brown

Dudley E. Faver
Jean-Claude Bajeux

John Wood(would you like to play a game?)
John W. Ryan

Roman Opalka
Fe del Mundo(for science!)
Fred Imus
Bernadine Healy(she had a lot of heart, and not all were hers)


Joe Yamanaka
Charles Wyly

Jiri Traxler
Paul Meier(mathamagician)
Marshall Grant

Cem Erman
Ruth Brinker
Ray Anderson(modulized carpets)

Mimi Lee(great chemistry)
Julian Kenny(mr. toad)
Eleanor Josaitis
Wendy Babcock

Selwyn Griffith
Billy Grammer
Arnaud Desjardins

Moraito Chico II

Paul Wilkinson
Jani Lane
David Holbrook
Noah Flug
Karen Drambjan

George Devol(invented the robot!)


Francisco Solano Lopez(comic book guy)
Robert Robinson
Geertruida Draaisma

Ellen Winther

Topi Sorsakoski
Chris Lawrence
Robert Breer


Paul Reeves(new zealand primate)
Albert Brown(went back to his own time)

Betty Thatcher
Peter Mair
Colin Harvey(science fictionologist)
Pap Dean

Aud Talle(humanologist)

Akiko Futaba
Huw Ceredig(meee ram ewe)


Michel Mohrt


Jean Tabary

Jerome J. Shestack
Maurice M. Rapport(why yes it is brain surgery)



Vilem Sokol
Jimmy Sangster(conducted the quartermass experiment)

Gun Hagglund

Patricia Hardy(gone to the dogs)
Fred Fay
Ross Barbour
Reza Badiyi(six million dollar smart)

Edith Tiempo
Budd Hopkins(kept looking up)

Casey Ribicoff
Samuel Menashe
Jerry Leiber(rocked the jail)
John Howard Davies
Vicco von Bulow
Nickolas Ashford

June Wayne
Dr. Hasballah M. Saad
Frank Potenza
Clare Hodges

Jack Hayes
Seyhan Erozcelik
Esther Gordy Edwards
Frank DiLeo(its party time, its excellent)

Ruth Thomas
Eugene Nida

B. Jeff Stone(rock william)
Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
Patrick C. Fischer(compuyerologist)


Keith Tantlinger(globalizer)

N. F. Simpson
Nico Minardos(zoned out)
Kim Tai Chung(no longer kungfu fighting)

Stetson Kennedy
Lykourgos Kallergis
Eve Brent(of the ape clan)

Dan Sicko

Tony Sale(replicatated colossuss)
Martin Hines
George Green
Johnny Giosa

Pearl Thuston Brown(jazz hands)

Junpei Takiguchi(didnt wish for imortality)
R. B. McDowell
Manos Koufianakis

David "Honeyboy" Edwards
John Bancroft
Ayala Zacks Abramov


Cactus Pryor
Peggy Lloyd
Revo Jogisalu
Alla Bayanova

Rosel Zech
Peter Twiss(first to have a need for speed)
Jack Stephens
Betty Skelton Erde(first of firsts)
Valery Rozhdestvensky(his ports are incompatible)
Paul Abisheganaden

Well that's it from this month of changes. Bye!

Natsunely 31 2011
What's new? We have 5 new listeners, giving us 318! We also upgraged our account with live365 from 1.5GB to 3 GB of memeory. That's right we can now hold twice the amount of soundtracks, remixes, and other 1337 music! You can listen to us for days....even a week or so without hearing the same song twice! How do you like that? And don't think we are about to let that extra memory go to waste collecting dust in some hard drive on a server. We have now more music from oc remix to hlp fill it up! But it still get's better. We can now have more nonpaying listeners tuning in at the same time! How many more? 50 more, bringing us to 150 non paying streams capable at any given time. We also have a new comming up, past wents, intro, song, pc and mac, past/present/future/2011 stats,and is there anything else? Oh yah, almost forgot....
Yep, we made it. The only Geek Style radio station in the Midwest run by a mental patient, robot, and monkey managed to survive, and deliver music nearly constantly through out it all. We've had ups, and downs, as well as the looming threat of the fate of internet radio. We had to deal With Radio Pirats, The MIAA, some hguy actually taking over the place for a few months, trip from a building inspector to see if we were up to code, metroids, demons, mushrooms, a dragon, among other things but like the song says..."We're still here" We would like to tank all of the artists whose music we play, live365 for giving us a place to play them, awardspace for giving us a place for our site, our affliates, friends, but most of all we would like to thank you our listeners for keeping us going. The site of the message that says we are on the playlist of another person is like finding a 1-up mushroom. So here's to you and maybe we will be around for another five years!

It's PC and mac.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Wow I keep pushing the edge with new technology like my 6 core processor.

Mac: I'm even more ahead.

PC: Oh what do you have?

Mac: One of the top business in the world.

PC: That's not being ahead in technology.

Mac: And my products are everywhere.

PC: That's not being ahead in technology.

Mac: And great product placement.

PC: That's not being ahead in technology.

Mac: And we are in with the hipsters.

PC: That's not being ahead in technology.

Mac: And the comercials I direct, create, and star in makes me look best.

PC: That's not being ahead in technology.

Mac: And I go after those that try to reviel my flaws.

PC: That's not being ahead in technology.

Mac: And I decide what people need.

PC: That's not being ahead in technology.

Mac: Then what is being ahead in technology?

PC: Having the fastest speed, do you have that?

Mac: No.

PC: Having the most cores, do you have that?

Mac: No.

PC: Having the most processors, do you have that?

Mac: No.

PC: Having the most bits. Do you have that?

Mac: No.

PC: Having the most threads, do you have that?

Mac: No.

PC: Having the largest cache, do you have that?

Mac: No.

PC: And deliver all of this at an affordable price, do you have that?

Mac: No.

PC: All sizzle and no steak

Well we had a really nice 5th anniversery! After all the trouble we had during the first half of the year we had, we had a nice and unexpectanly calm month. We spent a good deal of it cleaning up the place after the dragon incident and prepared for our fifth anniversery celebration. It was strictly for the employees of IJ Studios. AFter all, everything that allowed us to go through all of this for 5 years was based on all of the hard work. Yes we exist for our listeners, well we exist because of the alien incident, but what allowed us to exist for this long is our own hard work so we get to have a nice reward, and well you don't. Well except for a frigg'n big 3gb playlist specifically selected for you! So what was our celebratian like? Well First off. A wonderful person, Karren Smith
made us this amazing cake!

Look at it, its awesome, its made of 3p1c n0ob pwning awesome! And she made this, so she is made of 3p1c N0ob pwning awesome! Thank you Karren! It was wonderful, and tasting so great. It was the the center of the whole festivities. I had bought some candles

from one of our affiliates, ThinkGeeK . That lit up in different colors. Here it is.

Doesn't it look wonderful? We also recievied some gummy shotglasses. Shot Glasses made from gummy. The stuff the bears are made of. That you can take shots of beverages from. And then eat. We got them from Vat19 purveyors of curiously awesome products. And here they are!
Yah. Appearently getting from Vat19 purveyors of curiously awesome products to IJ Studios they expierenced tempertures beyond the melting point of gummy. They had colessed in one multicolored, multiflavored blob! As food products can not be sent back, the wonderful people at Vat19 purveyors of curiously awesome products, had graciously sent us another set of gummy shot glasses! Way to go Vat19 purveyors of curiously awesome products! And here they are!

Yeah once again going from Vat19 purveyors of curiously awesome products to IJ Studios they expierenced tempertures beyond the melting point of gummy. They had colessed in one multicolored, multiflavored blob! Well at that time it was apperent even to me that we wern't going to be having gummy shot glasses. It was quite sad, especially for Sock Monkey. Worse yet, both blobs dissapeared! Where did they go? I don;' know. They could be sliding and gliding around somewhere in IJ Studios. I hope one isn't male and the other female! I now sleep with the lights on just in case. But' that's another story. Anyway at least I wasn't out of an epic drink containment unit. I bought at ThinkGeeK the Tankard O' Terror! Yes just holding it raised my stats! Just look at it!

It holds a ton of anything! And you can hit your enemies with it! It's more awesome then a kung fu panda! We also had Shrimp
creasent rolls
ice cream in chocolate cups
Cookies, and root beer floats! The cake went quite fast.
Well we all had a good time eating it. Well most of us. Tachi didn't, but then Tachi doesn't have tastebuds, or a tounge, or a mouth, or a digestive track. So Tachi spent the time recharging. But it was a pretty fun time. I would like to post more pics but they are too hot for the internet so you will have to use your imagination. I wish we could eat like this more often instead of once every five years. AFterwards we played a whimsical game of Dungeons and Dragons. Thank you Tachi, Sock Monkey, Little Mouth, Timmy, Blue, the Eye Jay, 1337 Blue, the IJ, and ALL OF YOU! Here's to the past 5 years, and hopefully to a future 5 years!

-In tune of the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive"-
"Aniversery 5"

Well you can tell
by the way we're still around
This radio station
has a nice sound
Music loud playing all day
Despite our troubles
We're here to stay

And now it's all right, it's ok
We survived to see another day
So just sit back and enjoy
each playlist that we deploy

Whether you're a monkey
or a robot thats clunky
It's anniveresery five, anniversery five
Feel the place shaking
with everybody celebrating
IJ Studio's aniversery five, anniversery five
Ah, ha, ha, ha, anniversery five, anniversery five
Ah, ha, ha, ha, anniversery five

Life gives you lows and it gives you highs
If you can get through the first, then youll get by.
Got geek songs to keep away the blues
Playing them all night and we just can't lose.

You know it's all right, it's ok
We'll live to see another day
So just sit back and enjoy
each playlist that we deploy

Whether you're a monkey
or a robot thats clunky
It's anniveresery five, anniversery five
Feel the place shaking
with everybody celebrating
IJ Studio's aniversery five, anniversery five
Ah, ha, ha, ha, anniversery five, anniversery five
Ah, ha, ha, ha, anniversery five

Aint goin' nowhere
We're staying right here
We're staying right here, yeah
Aint goin' nowhere
We're staying right here
We're staying right here, yeah
Anniversery five

Well you can tell
by the way we're still around
This radio station
has a nice sound
Music loud playing all day
Despite our troubles
We're here to stay

And now it's all right, it's ok
We survived to see another day
So just sit back and enjoy
each playlist that we deploy

Whether you're a monkey
or a robot thats clunky
It's anniveresery five, anniversery five
Feel the place shaking
with everybody celebrating
IJ Studio's aniversery five, anniversery five
Ah, ha, ha, ha, anniversery five, anniversery five
Ah, ha, ha, ha, anniversery five

Aint goin' nowhere
We're staying right here
We're staying right here, yeah
It's anniversery five...
It's anniversery five...

Now for those that will not get to see another 5 years of IJ Studios.

Bebe Manga
Anne LaBastille(woman of the wilds)
Bud Grant
Charlie Craig
Edmund Snow Carpenter(knock on wood)
Jane Baker

Robert Sklar


Len Sassaman(a cryptic man)
Sir Roy Redgrave
Fred Newman(philosophy of math)

Anna Massey(a mystery)
Francis King

Gerhard Unger

Jane Scott(gave cleveland rock and roll)
Lawrence R. Newman
John Davies Evans
Serban Cantacuzino

Shinji Wada
Cy Twombly

Gordon Tootoosis
Hanna Segal
Theodore Roszak
Fonce Mizell(jazz'n up the night)
David Getches

Malcolm Forsyth

Keith Wilson(created the future)
Josef Suk

Mani Kaul
Paul-Andre Crepeau


Yuri Kukin(songs for geologists to rock out to)
Manuel Galban
Allan W. Eckert
Peter Aucoin
Ricardo Alegria

Adolfo Sanchez Vazquez
Paul Michael(let him do his job batman)

George McAnthony

Bidzina Kvernadze
Norman Hampson

Aleksis Dreimanis(rock star)
Sam Denoff
William R. Corliss(arthur c clarke approved)

Roberts Blossom

Kenny Baker

Wurzel(not a doctor sues character)
Lee Vines

Hideo Tanaka
Arvo Salo

Facundo Cabral

Kelly Thomas

Travis Bean(makes the makers of music)
Pierrette Alarie

George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood

Rob Grill

Tom Gehrels(kept the trojens out)
Helen Crummy
Henry Carlisle


Zdenek Sykora(the art of computation)

Sherwood Schwartz(little buddy)
Peter Newmark
Howard Hilton
William Crozier

Jerry Ragovoy
Al Debbo
Giacomo Benevelli

Antonio Prieto
Leo Kirch
Eric Delaney
Sissel Solbjorg Bjugn

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi

Googie Withers
Ed Flesh(inventor of the wheel)
Cuddly Dudley
John Crook
Helen Beverley

Katerina Mataira
Geraint Bowen

Joe Lee Wilson(jazz man)>BR> Taiji

Alex Steinweiss(covered albums)
David Ngoombujarra

Joe Morris, Sr.(talked in code)

John Kraaijkamp, Sr.
Georges Condominas

Bagley Wright

Edson Stroll(stooges made him)

E. A. J. Honigmann

Sean Hoare(pwned the news)


Sir Julian Oswald
Karen Khachaturian

Brendan Kehoe(a true hacker and a gentleman)
Yoshio Harada
Lil Greenwood
Sheila Burrell

Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan
Mary Simpson
Myra Kraft

Lucian Freud
Blaize Clement

Armando Martin Borque

Elwy Yost
Amelia Trice(fought the good fight)
Elliot Handler
Milly Del Rubio
Franz Alt(centenial man)


Ifti Nasim
Dmitri Furman
Linda Christian(first lady of bondage)


Amy Winehouse
Richard Pike(alchemeic guy)
Bill Morrissey
Fran Landesman
Milton Gwirtzman

Robert Ettinger(mr freeze)
John Chervokas(he squeezed the charmin)
Terence Boston, Baron Boston of Faversham
Mathilde Aussant
David Aiken

David Servan-Schreiber

Dan Peek
Gilbert Lujan


Arthur W. Murray(left on a Jetplane)

Denise Scharley
Josephine C. Reyes
John Read

Margaret Olley

Sakyo Komatsu

Frank Foster(saxologist)
Joe Arroyo

Eduard Rozovsky
Surgeon Vice-Admiral Sir John Stuart Pepys Rawlins
Bejaratana Rajasuda
Polly Platt(grandmother of the simpsons)
Jerome Liebling

Agota Kristof
Rei Harakami
Charles Gittens
Hilary Evans(uniditified flying reasearcher)

Richard Chavez

John Milton Yinger

Brian O'Leary(rocket man)

John Marburger
Frank Bender(gave faces to the dead)


Agnes Varis

Takeshi Miyaji(forever blue)
Gene McDaniels
Nella Martinetti
Joseph V. Brady(Monkeys...in Space!)
John Edward Anderson


Sam Norkin
Daniel D. McCracken(for tran)
Per Denez
R. E. G. Davies(air in space)

Hikmat Abu Zayd


John Hoyland
Dorothy Brunson

Well that's it for this month. Thank you for 5 years of wonderful memeories, and hopefully many more to come!

NinJune 2011
What's new? Well we have four new listeners. that brings us to 313! New song, new bio, new stats of the past present and future as well as the year. New coming Up, Past Wents, PC, Intro, Wha'ts New. And we finally get this place back to normal. That should make you all happy.

It's PC and mac.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Hey Mac who are all your friends?

Mac: I'm having a family reunion.

PC: That's swell.

Mac: Yeah, the entire family made it. We are quit popular. That's why there are so many of us.

PC: It's quite amazing you picked today for your reunion.

Mac: Oh why is that?

PC: I'm having a family reunion too with all of my family members.

Mac: Yeah right.


PC: Oh that must be them now.

Mac: Yeah right.

-PC opens the door and the place floods with PCs, the Mac soon dissapear in the tide in the way a drop of water dissapears in the lake.-

PC: Hey everyone this is my friend Mac and his familly. Mac? Mac? Well he must be around somewhere. Looks like I have the largest family by far.

And now fow the latest and final installment of our story.

IJ Dee-Vo: Well This is it.

Tachi: WHAT IS IT?

IJ Dee-Vo: This is.

Tachi: WHAT IS?

IJ Dee-Vo: It's the end.


IJ Dee-Vo: No our adventure.

Tachi: WHY?

IJ Dee-Vo: Because we delt with the dragon.

Tachi: SO?

IJ Dee-Vo: So we can finally get this place pulled back together.


IJ Dee-Vo: Hard to belive it was caused by a


IJ Dee-Vo: Well it had to be ended somehow.


IJ Dee-Vo: Not quite.


IJ Dee-Vo: No I said this is the end, not that it has ended.


IJ Dee-Vo: AFter this place is put back together.


IJ Dee-Vo: After this conversation is over.


IJ Dee-Vo: Pretty much.


IJ Dee-Vo: Seems that way.


IJ Dee-Vo: I guess.

Wizard Beard White: Would you two shut up and join the circle allready!

Winged Death: !!!DO THEY ALLWAYS DO THIS!!!

Sock Monkey: '/4|-|, L1|<3 4 bU|\|(|-| 0Ph |\|00B$.

Little Mouth: look at me im in the magic circle.

Blue: ....

Eye-Jay: Squack!

Timmy: ...

1337 Blue:...

J.R. : I don't know I'm even here but come one finish it so I can just get out of here. Drag me from my place, after I didn't even have a part in the rest of it. It's not like I don't have my own life or anything.

Box Bots:....

Alien 1: Yes Hurry up

Alien 2: Make Haste.

Alien 3: Proceed with maximum velocity.

The Intern: Achive Joinage to the party!

IJ Dee-Vo: Well everyone is here.


IJ Dee-Vo: SO let's go!

-IJ Dee-Vo and Tach join the circle-

Wizard Beard White: Now let us all join hands as I cast the spell.

We are here to address
This stituation that is a mess
So let us all hold hands
To heal this brocken land
The effects that cause this place to separate
We now come together to negate
So let us start
To undo its pull apart
Bring to gether what was riven
As this spell is given
Merg together that torn asunder
To fix this collosssal blunder
What was once come undone
Shall be now made into...

-a thunderous sound, earth shaking and a brilliant flash of light later-

IJ Dee-Vo: Hey it's all back togther


IJ Dee-Vo: Now we can finally get our updates done. Looks like you have lots of work to do Sock Monkey.

Wizard White Beard: Now about my my fee.

IJ Dee-Vo: WHat! We did what you wanted us to do.

Wizard White Beard: Yes, but that didn't mean I would have done it, so pay up.

IJ Dee-Vo: How about I don't report the screw up of a certain wizard to a certain Bureau of Better SpellCasters.

Wizard White Beard:.....First ones free!

IJ Dee-Vo: ANd that's all she wrote so let us never speak of this again!

And now the part I don't like.


Haleh Sahabi
Jaehoon Ahn

Lavina Washines
Keith Smith

Albertina Sisulu
Joel Rosenberg (the fiction of science)
Philip Rahtz(raiders of the lost ark)

Willem Duys
Ray Bryant

Benny Spellman
Peter Murphy

Jack Kevorkian(jazz man)

Miriam Karlin(had to wind up her orange)
Andrew Gold(thank you for being a friend)

Wally Boag(reviewed golden horse shoes)
Harry Bernstein
James Arness(planet gunsmokes)

Felix Zandman

Frankie Toler
Betty Taylor(slue foot sue)

Martin Rushent
Andreas P. Nielsen
Donald Hewlett(clawed by axos)
Claudio Bravo(more real then real)
Lilian Jackson Braun(hope she had 9 lives)
Dimi Mint Abba

John Glasby
Gordon Lorenz
Azam Khan
Calvin Hannah

Leon Botha(Lemons? he slice 'em and serve 'em back)


Shrek(ba ram ewe)
J. Harold Lane

Stefan Kurylowicz
Nils-Bertil Dahlander

John R. Alison(Afso's dad)

Leonard B. Stern(got smart and mad)
Nataraja Ramakrishna(ologist of music)
Mietek Pemper

Walid Gholmieh
Buddy Gask


Roy Skelton(cyborg supreme)
Steve Popovich
Paul Massie(doctor hyde)
Clara Luper
Anatole Abragam(neclear powered magnets!)

Claude Leveillee

Tomoko Kawakami(Revolutionary Girl Utena)

M. F. Husain

Sven-Olof Walldoff

Gyorgy Szabados(hungarian jazz daddy)

Al Schwimmer
Jim Rodnunsky(watching you from above)

Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor( Indiana Jones, James Bond and Graham Greene's son)
Kenny Hawkes
Jeanne Bice

Jack Smith
James Rahal, Jr.

Eliyahu M. Goldratt(invented toc)
Gunnar Fischer
Giorgio Celli(bugged people)
Shaun Best

Laura Ziskin(pretty spider bob)

Kathryn Tucker Windham(ghostagrapher)
John Hospers
Alan Haberman(barcoding pioneer)
Carl Gardner(doesnt talk back)

Geoffrey Fisken(Ace)

William J. Spahr(Most depressing job ever!)
Germano Meneghel
Hugh John Beazley
David C. Baldus

Badi Uzzaman(friend of the doctor)
Mack Self(rock william)

Asad Ali Khan

Apenera Short(lived a long life)
Zack du Plessis
Bill Haast(milks non mammles!)
John Ehrman
Joko Beck
Bob Banner

Twins Seven Seven

Osten Makitalo(loved phones...nuff said)
Wild Man Fischer
Claudia Bryar(loves her son, he was a good boy)
Gerald Abramovitz

George M. White

Nathan Sharon

Betty Fox
Jacquie de Creed


Bob Pease(LM733X Engineer!)
Gustaf Kjellvander

Brian Haw
A. Whitney Ellsworth(paid to read books)

Clarence Anicholas Clemons, Jr.(Jazz man testifying)

Yelena Bonner


Don Diamond(hes in the rough)

Robert H. Widmer(vice president of science!)
Ottilie Patterson
Thomas N. Armstrong III(not an artists or thief but made money with art)

Maria Gomes Valentim
Kothapalli Jayashankar

Zbynek Zeman(it gets old)
Mike Waterson
Cyril Ornadel(great island music)
Robert Miller(leaglly deals with art)
Fanny de Sivers(studied humanity)
Sir John Keith Agnew, 6th Baronet (mcsteamy)


Fred Steiner(no words)
Christiane Desroches Noblecourt(stop reading from the book of the dead)

Peter Falk(won't solve this death)

Gaye Delorme

Gene Colan(realy loved ducks)

A. H. Woodfull(plastics)
F. Gilman Spencer
Michelle Brunner

Margaret Tyzack(a clockwork odyssey)
Paulo Renato Souza
Goff Richards
Alice Playten(lost her saucer)
Jean Harris
Martin H. Greenberg(speculated about the fiction of science)
Shelby Grant(is on a fantastic voyage)
George Ballas(ate weeds)

Sidney Hollis Radner(collected junk...magical junk)
Robert Morris(The three golden rules to ensure computer security are: do not own a computer; do not power it on; and do not use it.)
Norma Lyon(because margerine just wont do)

Maciej Zembaty
Thierry Martens
Stuart Appelle(ufologist)


Angelico Vieira

Osamu Kobayashi
Richard Fox(the other ron weasley)

Benton Flippen(the flippen fiddler)

K. D. Sethna
David Dunseith
Larry Bogdanow
Billy Beck(blobbed to death)

Jay Dee Springbett
Jimmy Roselli
Ruth Roberts
Vice Admiral Sir David Anning Loram KCB CVO
Tom Kruse(dundee and hunter got his mail)
Christy Essien-Igbokwe
Barry Bremen(famouse for fakery)

That's it and keep an eye out for Ninjas. If you don't see any then you are surrounded!

AniMay 2011
What's new? Well we have 5 new listeners! That's right and that brings us to 309! We also have the usual What's New, song, PC, Coming Up, Stats, Intro. Sorry no new Robot Review. We do get to face a horrific dragon people what more do you want?

It's PC and mac.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Hey Mac What's going on?

Mac: Oh I'm just getting my friends over at China who are building new products to sign some legal stuff.

PC: Non conditianlity agreements?

Mac: Nothing so important. Just a pledge that they wont kill themselves.

PC: Well that makes...WHAT?

Mac: Yah apperently all the overtime, lack of weekends, no talking, public humilitatins, only seeing their families once a year, for low pay, and required to stand 12 hours at a time are really bumming out people.

PC: That's horrible!

Mac: Yah its really making a bad name for myself.

PC: No that these people are treated so horriblly!

Mac: Well what can I do about it?

PC Well you could have all of this done in the United States.

Mac: What? Do you know how insane that will be? I would have to treat these people fairly then, and my prophit margins won't as as large!

PC: And that would be the most inhumane treatment of all.

And back to our story

-along a winding dark mountain pass-

IJ Dee-Vo: Well We have the the epic weapon 3p1c. So that means it must be time to face the dreaded dragon Winged Death.


IJ Dee-Vo: Moral Support...or should I say metal support.

Sock Monkey: d1D j00Z /\/\4k3 0U7 j00r \/\/1LL Ph1r$7?

IJ Dee-Vo: There's no time for that when there is adventures waiting for us.


IJ Dee-Vo: That's the spirit!

Sock Monkey: 1 (4LL d1B5 0|\| |-|15 \/\/0\/\/ 4((0U|\|7!


Little Mouth: i got my lucky charm.

IJ Dee-Vo: Is it magically delicous?


IJ Dee-Vo: In case the worst happenes. We need to be prepared.

Sock Monkey: pH0r \/\/|-|47, 1|\| (4$3 \/\/3 |\|33D 70 /\/\4k3 4 $(4r1Ph1(3?

IJ Dee-Vo: NO..though....we'll see.


IJ Dee-Vo: Well we need to follow this path to his cave, call him out, do battle with him, defeat him, and that is it!


IJ Dee-Vo: Well It's twice the length of the distance from one end to the middle.


Sock Monkey: j00Z k|\|0\/\/ 1Ph \/\/3 r4|\| 7|-|15 (0ULD 937 0\/3R \/\/17|-| /\/\U(|-| QU1(k3R.

IJ Dee-Vo: We don't want to leave Little Mouth behind..and um...we can take our time.

Sock Monkey: $(4R3D?

IJ Dee-Vo: No just padding.


IJ Dee-Vo grabs Little Mouth: Fine fine, We will run...to my doom. And maybe that will will be enough to for Winged Death to spare you two.

Little Mouth: weeee!


Sock Monkey: 1 7|-|1|\|k 1 L3Ph7 7|-|3 $3r\/3r 0|\|.

IJ Dee-Vo: Hey all for one!


IJ Dee-Vo: Hey who ever leaves consider yourself severely reduced paid!

Sock Monkey: /\/\3|-|, /\/\4'/ 45 \/\/3LL 90. 17 /\/\4'/ b3 PhU|\| 5331|\|9 j00Z 937 k1LL3D.

IJ Dee-Vo: That's the spirit!

-some time later-

IJ Dee-Vo: Hey it looks like a cave coming up.....and it's huge!


Sock Monkey: /\/\4'/B3 |-|3 jU$7 |-|4$ 4 L07 0Ph $\/\/49?

IJ Dee-Vo: Yes I'm sure because its not like everything else hasn't gone smoothly. Well here we go.

IJ Dee-Vo whispers: oh heare me winged death, destroyer of worlds, ravisher of kingdomes, shunderer of continents. i ij dee-vo has come before you to call you out on your evil ways. come face me now if you are brave enough.

IJ Dee-Vo: Well I did it, he didn't come out so it's not my fault. Let's go back.


Sock Monkey: '/4|-|, '/3LL 17 0U7 45 L0UD 45 j00Z (4|\|...4Ph73R \/\/3 937 b3|-|1|\|D 7|-|15 7R33...70 /\/\4k3 5UR3 |-|3 d035|\|'7 7R'/ 70 5|\|34k UP PhR0/ \/\ b3|-|1|\|D.

IJ Dee-Vo: Thanks for the support.


IJ Dee-Vo: Well there I did it, he's not here so time to go.

The Cave Entrence blows out fire: !!!YOU DARE DISTURB ME!!!NOW PARISH IN FLAMES!!!

IJ Dee-Vo: Won't come out? I guess it's just a salamander that I have come to vanquis. Kind of a let down actually. I guess I'll turn around and go home then.

Winged Death emerges in all his evil splender: !!!SALAMANDER!!!SALAMANDER!!!YOU DARE CALL ME SALAMANDER!!!DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!


IJ Dee-Vo: Hey it's what the wizard told me to say!

Sock Monkey: \/\/3LL @ L3457 |-|3'5 |\|07 51|\|91|\|9.

I'm the Dragon Winged Death
I've got fiery breath
When I get you in my sight
Then it's goodnight
As I gooble you in one bite.

I have darkness in my heart
So Ill tear the world apart
Go get a clue
There's nothing you
Can possibly do.

I've got scales harder then steel
I eat diamonds for my meal
So do you think you have a chance
In this circumstance
To spear me with your lance?

Theres is no sword
That you can afford
That can be applied
To pierce my tough hide
Your victory denied.

My teeth are like daggers
I'm scarier then Nick Jagger
There is no shield
That you could weild
Will cause me to yeild

My heads adorned
With sharp horns
I'm a 50 foot high
And fast I can fly
So prepare to die

I'm 300 foot long
Undeafeatably strong
Its much too late
So accept your fate
Your corpse I'll massicate.


IJ Dee-Vo raises 3p1c Mightily: Listen you broke up our home and place of business. I don't know what your major malfunction is but we wern't responsible for you being trapped in our collectors edision of World of WarCraft Catyclysm, but we did let you out. Now that should account for something. So be a good dragon and come with us.

Winged Death: !!!AND IF I DON'T!!!

IJ Dee-Vo: I don't want to do this but I will be forced to get medevial on your tail.


IJ Dee-Vo: Well yah, I mean I'd have to be crazy to come up here otherwise.

Winged Death: !!!THAT IS BUT A STICK TO ME!!!

IJ Dee-Vo:Um...

Winged Death: !!!I SPIT ON YOUR STICK!!!

Little Mouth: i can help with my shiney!

IJ Dee-Vo: Little Mouth no!!!

TACHI and Sock Monkey: "Little Mouth yes!"

Death Winged Sees the glint off Little Mouth's Shiney: !!!THAT"S MY 1917 KISING LINCOLN PENNY!!!I THOUGHT IT WAS LOST!!!I WAS TEARING UP EVERYWHERE TO FIND IT!!!GIVE TO ME!!!

IJ Dee-Vo: Hmmmm hey will you stop all of this if we give you the penny?


IJ Dee-Vo: Well?

Winged Death:!!!FINE HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!!

Little Mouth patoohies the 1917 kissing lincoln penny to Winged Death: yahhh i won with my shiney

IJ Dee-Vo: You certainly did my friend. Extra ice cream for you tonight.

Little Mouth: with cedar shavings

IJ Dee-Vo: With cedar shavings.

Sock Monkey: \/\/0|\|'7 p30PL3 r34D1|\|9 7|-|1$ b3 d1$$4P01|\|73D 1|\| |-|0\/\/ 7|-|1$ \/\/4$ r3$0L\/3D?

IJ Dee-Vo: Not as dissapointed as they would be having waited so long for this to be posted.

People Winged Death didn't kill.


J. Ernest Wilkins, Jr.(for science!)
Steven Orszag(goes with the flow)
Ted Lowe(will-o-whisperer)


Alexander LazarevNot a real pysist but plays one on tv)


Thanasis Veggos(runs like Veggo)

Jackie Cooper(please don't shoot his dog)
Odell Brown(jazzman)

Robert Brout(physisist of theories)

Sada Thompson
Richard Steinheimer(railroad phtographer...really.)
Mary Murphy
Frans de Kok
Lazaro Blanco


Dana Wynter(snatched)
Rolo Puente
Arthur Laurents
Salomon Hakim(yes it is brain surgery)

Claude Choules
Leslie Audus(plantman)

Horace Freeland Judson(the biology of molecules)
Lawrence Johnson(boatologist)


Doric Wilson

George Webley
John Walker
Kate Swift
Robert Stempel(invented the most stolen car part)

Ella Schuler(facebook made her lie)
Gunter Sachs
Allyson Hennessy
Ross Hagen(mst3k thanks you)

Willard Boyle(invented digital cameras)
Johnny Albino


Carlos Trillo
Hilton Rosemarin(makes the places in movies)

Sona Pertlova(chess mistress)
Charles McPhee(life is but a dream)
Corwin Hansch(designed molecules)

Cornell Dupree(jazzing)


Ivo Pesak
Doug Leeds
Jeff Gralnick
Dolores Fuller
Henry Feffer

Norma Zimmere(Rose White)
Burt Reinhardt(he was CNN)

Zim Ngqawana

Bill Gallo

Mia Amber Davis
Omar Ahmad(true end of napster)

Snooky Young(jazz man) Elisabeth Svendsen(friend to donkey)
Leo Kahn(invented staples)

Maurice Goldhaber(what neutrinos have negative helicity?)

Jack Wolf(information is just a theory)

Miyu Uehara
Bill Summers(Golden Hotrod)
Noreen Murray
Lloyd Knibb
Charles F. Haas(Bonanza! The man from U.N.C.L.E. has reached the outer limits!)

Badal Sarkar
Bruce Ricker
Jack Richardson
Princess Maria Elisabeth of Orleans-Braganza

Bernard Greenhouse
Pam Gems

Stephen De Staebler


Joseph Wershba(earned his 60 minutes)
Birgitta Trotzig
Diane Sinclair
Nicholas V. Riasanovsky
Ferial Alibali

Mahendra Singh Tikait

F. Jay Taylor
Barbara Stuart(the zone)
Bob Flanigan

Bill Skiles
Kiyoshi Kodama(steam!)

Edward Hardwicke(greater then L)

Sean Dunphy

Leonard Kastle

Tom West(ghost in the machine)
Alda Noni
William Kloefkorn

Kathy Kirby
David H. Kelley(mayan litterate)
Phyllis Avery

Steve Rutt(you watch video animation because of him)
John Cigna

Bill Rechin
Hiroyuki Nagato(yo-yo)

Bill Hunter(Ark's Gaurdian)

Walter Soboleff
Breon O'Casey
Ronald Naar(Netherlands most famous adventurer)
Suzanne Mizzi
Bob Gould
Joseph Brooks

Roberto Sosa
Alejandro Roces(Philippines best writer)
Harry Redmond, Jr.(b movie master)

Abdias do Nascimento
Pilu Momtaz
Michele Fawdon

Edward Plunkett, 20th Baron of Dunsany
Mark Haines
Jose Claudio Ribeiro da Silva
Huguette M. Clark

Yannis Varveris
Gene Smith(not a genetisist)
Edwin Honig
Leonora Carrington
Nina Leopold Bradley
Lillian Adams

Irwin D. Mandel(science of teeth)
George Heron
Arisen Ahubudu

Gil Scott-Heron(jazz is the poetry of music)
Amanda Franklin
Johanna Fiedler

Jeff Conaway(secured babylon 5)

John H. Sinfelt(invented unleaded gas)

Alys Robi
Leo Rangell
Romuald Klim(hammer time)

Albert M. Sack
Bill Roycroft
Wally Jay
Da Real One

Jon Blake(almost mad max)


Rosalyn Sussman Yalow(inveted ria)

Tillmann Uhrmacher
Giorgio Tozzi
Clarice Taylor(bill cosby's mom)

Marek Siemek
Paul B. Ferrara(takes your dnas fingerprint)
Henri Chammartin

Jennifer Worth
Rudy Williams

Solvi Wang
Ram Man Trishit
Hugh Stewart
Philip Rose
Hans Keilson

Keep watching Anime cause it won't watch itself and if it doesn't make sense Haruhi did it!

AniMay 2011
What's new? Well a new song, new PC, new intro, new stats, new comming up, new What's New, 8 new listeners brining us to...304 ! We made it! We made it to 300 listeners and beyond! We have the Radio Pirates data up. Saddly we do not have a robot to review. Aparently it is being serviced so it will have to wait. We do have a new shining 3p1c weapon though. Will it be enough to defeat the dragon?

PC and Mac are at it again. Will Mac finally put one over PC? If Mac's record holds true then no.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Hey Mac do you know what time it is, I have a hot date and I don't want to be late picking her up.

Mac: Let me finish with my iphone so I can look at my watch.

PC: Why don't you just look at your iphone?

Mac: I can't, iphones don't tell time.

PC: An electronic device without a time function?

Mac: Oh it has a time function.

PC: Then why don't you use it to tell me the time?

Mac: Because the time will be wrong.

PC: WHy would it be wrong?

Mac: Beacuse one of the iphones feature is that it gives you an alternate interpretation of time.

PC: Well why have it if it makes you use a watch to tell time them?

Mac: Because.

PC: So can you make it give the correct time?

Mac: Well there was going to be an app you can buy that will unlock the correct time.

PC: Was?

Mac: Yes but it was decided to instead making it one of the new features included in the slightly better but way more expensive next version of the iphone.

PC: Looks like it's time to switch phones.

Well We went through The Forest of Pane looking for that weapon of 3p1c dragon pwning awesomeness. We had to leave Tachi behind for lack of all terrein locomotion.

-somewhere deep in a dark foresst of tangles and twisted plants-

IJ Dee-Vo: So this is Forrest of Pane? I don't see why it's called that. I see posien ive, oak, sumack, some nasty looking mushrooms, thorns, cacti, spiky trees, mospgitos, flees, yellow jackets, killer bees, headgehogs, porcupines, dart frogs, snakes, spiders, echidnas, and bears but not a single window so wheres the pane?

Sock Monkey: |\|00B |\|07 7|-|@ 7'/P3 0Ph p4|\|3..0U(|-| 7|-|3R3'5 bURR5 4LL 0\/3R /\/\3.

IJ Dee-Vo: Too bad Tachi couldn't have come with us, Having a nice metel shell would have come in handy for this.

Sock Monkey: b19 L0$$!

IJ Dee-Vo: But at least we have Little Mouth with us.

Sock Monkey: B19 \/\/1|\|.

IJ Dee-Vo: That's the spirit. So just where do we go next?

Little Mouth: yahh we are adventuring!

IJ Dee-Vo: Yes we are but it's been hours and We still havn't found anything. I'd like to get home and back, before night, or the next web update.

Sock Monkey: \/\/3LL \/\/4|\|D3r1|\|9 4r0U|\|D 1$|\|7'7 901|\|9 70 |-|3LP.

IJ Dee-Vo: Or wondering.

Little Mouth: wasseling!

Sock Monkey: j00Z (4|\|'7 $33 7|-|3 Ph0rr3$7 Phr0/\/\ 7|-|3 7r33$.

IJ Dee-Vo: I know Sock monkey, climb to the top of that saguaro and see if you can see anything.

Sock Monkey: 4|\|D b3 |\|33DL3D 71LL 1 L34|< L1|k3 4 570093 \/\/|-|3|\| 1 dR1|\|k? |\|0 \/\/4'/ j00Z d0 17.

IJ Dee-Vo: I can't.

Sock Monkey: \/\/|-|'/ |\|07?

IJ Dee-Vo: Because...I don't want to.

Sock Monkey: 7|-|47$ 4 r34$0|\|?

IJ Dee-Vo: Like a boss!

Sock Monkey: jU57 \/\/|-|@ /\/\4k35 j00Z 7|-|3 b055?

IJ Dee-Vo: Well I have the deed, I gave you all free room and board, I get hit with the finacial and other burdsons generated by the job and antics of the employees.

Sock Monkey: 4|\|D?

IJ Dee-Vo: I have this "World's greatest Boss" mug.

Sock Monkey: 0|-| '/4|-|...j00Z bR0U9|-|7 7|-|@ 7|-|1|\|9 |-|3R3?

IJ Dee-Vo: Yep.

Sock Monkey: \/\/|-|'/?

IJ Dee-Vo: In case this came up.

Sock Monkey: 7|-|47'5 7|-|1|\|k1|\|9 4|-|34D.

IJ Dee-Vo: Like a boss.

Sock Monkey: \/\/3LL |\|0\/\/ \/\/|-|47?

IJ Dee-Vo: Well I'm not going up the cactus and you arn't going up the cactus so that's out.

Little Mouth: mmmm thorns taste blue.

Sock Monkey: \/\/|-|'/ |\|07 $3|\|D L177L3 /\/\0U7|-| UP?

IJ Dee-Vo: Tha'ts just mean and brilliant! Little Mouth up the cactus!

Little mouth: i like getting high.

IJ Dee-Vo: Um......

Little Mouth: needles tickle!

IJ Dee-Vo: Hey Little Mouth, good going, What do you see?

Little Mouth: sky, clouds, birds, trees, ground, ij dee-vo, sock monkey...

IJ Dee-Vo: Thats good but do you see anything epic?

Little Mouth: ij dee-vo.

IJ Dee-Vo: Yah I am filled with all kinds of awesome...besides me.

Little Mouth: oh shiney!

IJ Dee-Vo: That sounds promising where is it?

Litte Mouth: nyanya tha ehhay!

IJ Dee-Vo: Stop licking the cactus Little Mouth. Lets go!

Sock Monkey: 17'$ 4B0U7 71/\/\3.

-hours later-

Sock Monkey: 1$ 17 /\/\U(|-| PhUr7|-|3r?

IJ Dee-Vo: Not far now.

-hours later-

Sock Monkey: 15 17 /\/\U(|-| PhUR7|-|3R?

IJ Dee-Vo: Not far now.

-hours later-

Sock Monkey: 15 17 /\/\U(|-| PhUR7|-|3R?

IJ Dee-Vo: Yes it is!

-a few minutes later-

Little Mouth: oh shiney!

IJ Dee-Vo: We are here!

Sock Monkey: \/\/417 1$ 7|-|@ 17?

IJ Dee-Vo: Well it is shiney.

Sock Monkey: 17'$ 4 p3|\||\|'/!

Little Mouth: its epic!

IJ Dee-Vo:Well it's not a waepon though unlike that thing right by it floating in a beam of light...wait!

The weopon Epic!
Waiting for you to wake
It from it's slumber!
Go and take
And release it's thunder!
So grab hold of your destiny now!

Look out!
Its A pair of katana chain saws
Sure to fill you with awe!
connected like nun chucks
So you can go all amuck!
With a shot gun as well.
This is your boom stick you yell!
And a sniper rifle
Makes Zombies a trifle!
Magicaly incribed runes
To give the supernatural doom.
So grab hold your destiny now!

It can pwn aliens
Armed with ruy guns
Mutants with powers
Monsters as big as towers
The undead too
There's nothing it can't do
So take it what are you waiting for?
You will get glory and more
you will be popular with the girls
Amd be known through out the world
That or die a horrible death
writhing in pain and gasping for breath!
But hey dont let that stop you now!

IJ Dee-Vo: That really was epic.

Sock Monkey: \/\/|-|3r3 d1D 7|-|@ $0|\|9 (0/\/\3 Phr0/\/\?

IJ Dee-Vo: You don't question epic.

Sock Monke: 93771|\|9 b4(k |-|0/\/\3 \/\/1LL b3 4 p41|\| 1|\| 7|-|15 Ph0RR357.

IJ Dee-Vo: Not with this to cut through it.

Little Mouth: can I have the shiney?

IJ Dee-Vo: Of course!

Sock Monkey: |-|3'/ \/\/|-|@ d0 1 937?

IJ Dee-Vo: Well if you want to face the dragon you can have Epic.

Sock Monkey: |\|3\/3r/\/\1|\|D.

Finally those who didn't make it. Victoms of the dragon?

Siri Skare
Manning Marable
Jane Gregory

Paul Violi
Bill Varney(you heard him, you can't unhear him)
Efrain Loyola

Calvin Russell
William Prusoff

Marian Pankowski
Kevin Jarre(bring dead egyptians to life)
Ulli Beier

Craig Thomas(thrilling techno)
Wayne Robson(checkng out possem lodge)
Scott Columbus

Gil Robbins

Baruch Samuel Blumberg

F. Gordon A. Stone(bound metal to flesh)
Fritiof S. Sjostrand
Coyote McCloud
John Bottomley
Thoger Birkeland

Pierre Gauvreau

Elena Zuasti
Hedda Sterne
Donald Shanks

John McCracken(monolith engineer)
Daniel Catan

Randy Wood
Orrin Tucker

Yolande Palfrey(doctor 7)
Roger Nichols

Jerry Lawson(gameaneer)
Nicholas Goodhart

Stephen Watson

Don Merton(mourned by black robins)
Violet Cowden

Murtaza Hassan
La Esterella
Lewis Binford(became his work)

Billy Bang

Miroslav Tichy

Janis Polis(take 2 flumadine and call him in the morning)
Buster Martin

Seeta bint Abdul-Aziz Al Saud

Arthur Marx(not as grouchy as his father)

William Lipscomb Jr.(inorganic organic chemist...huh?)
Cyrus Harvey, Jr.
Jon Cedar(not one of hogan's heroes)
Walter Breuning
Trevor Bannister(doctor audio)

Vincenzo La Scola
Babu Baral

Sol Saks(the two dariens)
Stanley Glenn

Robert Vickrey

Bhawani Singh(bubbles!)

Michael Sarrazin(killed by the blight)
Nikos Papazoglou
Blair Milan
Eric Gross

Osamu Dezaki(anime guy)
Joel Colton
Bob Block


Yu-ri Kim

Kjell Hakonsen(likes spikes)

-pic- Elisabeth Sladen(her adventures have come to an end..or just begun)
Anne Blonstein

Kerry Smith

Hubert Schlafly(puts words in other peoples mouths)
Tul Bahadur Pun
Madelyn Pugh(got some splain'n to do!)
Chris Hondros
Tim Hetherington


Yoshiko Tanaka(godzilla and candy)

Max Mathews(father of electronic music)
W. J. Gruffydd

Harold Garfinkel

Tine Bryld

Joao Maria Tudela
Jose Torres Martino

Merle Greene Robertson(arechartist)
Madhava Gudi
Hazel Dickens
Eldon Davis(invented googie, no i did not misspell google)
Patrick Billingsley(played with numbers)
Moin Akhter

Dutch Tilders
Phillip Shriver
Ready Teddy(olympic gold winner)

Norio Ohga(playstation!)
Noxolo Nogwaza
Milorad Bata Mihailovic
Huey P. Meaux
Terence Longdon
Peter Lieberson
Tom King
Dmytro Blazheyovskyi

Joan Peyser(musicologist)
Sir Denis Mahon
Alimirah Hanfere
Nawang Gombu


Minoru Tanaka(ultraman)
Gonzalo Rojas

Poly Styrene
Lawrence Lee(who stained my glass?)

Ira Cohen(no, not santa)

Phoebe Snow(poet man)
Sadler's Wells(whoe!)

Lynn Hauldren(Emporer)
Roger Gimbel

Michael Waltman(National Tower of Law)
Yvette Vickers
Harold Schnitzer
Dag Stokke
Marian Mercer
Igor Kon(yeth mathter)


William Campbell(parents called him back home)

Joanna Russ
David Mason
Vladimir Krainev

Abdul Hameed


Ernesto Sabato(artist of physics)
Daniel Quillen(purity of math)
Evald Okas

Emilio Navarro
Richard Holmes

See you ne3xt month....unles the dragon eats us.

Mod 2011
What's New? Well winter is over, time to get out there and do some making, modding, and hacking. We have a new and very indepth Robot Review, new Song, new PC, new Stats, new Coming Up, 8 new listeners giving us 296, We have a new bio, we have 4000 visiters and beyond , and we learn more about what went down here!

PC and Mac!

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Hey Mac, what are you doing?

Mac: I am collecting money from the people that are borrowing my products.

PC: Borrowing or selling? If you are selling, youy get money. If you are letting people borrow then it's free.

Mac: That's stupid. If I sold it, then I couldn't tag on conditions to just what they can do, and how they can do it to my products. I can if I let them borrow it.

PC: But you can't have it both ways, Either let them use it for free on your conditions, or sell it and let them do what every they want with it.

Mac: That is a lously business plan. This way not only do I get their money but I have complete control over how they use it. Besides when i put an i infront of each item, I am using the possevive i saying this stuff is mine. it's not yourpod, your, mac, or yourphone.

PC: How do you know they are using it as you want?

Mac: I install software that makes sure that they can't use it any otherise, alltering features and abilities should anyone figures out how to use them to their benefit.

PC: ANd if someone manages to use it any other way?

Mac: That's the best part. I sue them for even more money!

Pc: You really hate your customers don't you?

Mac: Yes...yes I do.

PC: So that's why you mistreat them.

And now back to our story.

IJ Dee-Vo: Well that was all fun and all but we still don't know anything usefull.

???: Maybe I can help with that.

IJ Dee-Vo: Who are you?


???: I think I can answear all of that best with a song.

Sock Monkey: jU57 54'/ 17!

I'm Wizard Beard White.
I'm here to make things all right.
Don't be lagg'n.
You must face a dragon
To rid you of this blight.

His name is Winged Death.
Got really bad breath.
He was sealed up in the game
To spare the world his flame
Least there be nothing left

Because he got released by you
It's your job to
Deal with his destruction
So heed my instruction
To fix this snafu.

Find the weapon Epic.
It will do the trick
To save us all
So we can lol
When this mess you fix.

In the Forrest of Pain
It waits to end his reign.
So go to retrieve it
And don't you leave it
So things can be normal again.

When the battle is won
And Winged Death is gone
This place will be put back together
Thanks to your endeavor
And your task shall be done.


Sock Monkey: $0 \/\/|-|053 \/\/153 1D34 \/\/45 17 70 1/\/\PR15510|\| 4 dR490|\| 1|\|51D3 4 (0LL3(70R5 3D1710|\| 94/\/\3? 7|-|053 7|-|1|\|95 r 90 L1k3 |-|07 (4|<35 4|\|D \/\/0ULD b0U|\|D 70 b3 b0U9|-|7 4|\|D 0P3|\|3D? $3R10U5L'/ 7|-|@ \/\/45 7|-|3 /\/\057 5kULL 3/\/\P7'/1|\|9 7|-|1|\|9 1 |-|4\/3 3\/3R |-|34RD 70 d0.

Wizard Beard White: Well now that's not important.

Sock Monkey: 1|\| Ph4(7 \/\/|-|03\/3R d1D 7|-|@ 5|-|0ULD b3 7|-|3 0|\|3 70 4Ph73R 7|-|3 dR490|\|.

Wizard Beard White: That's suicide! There's no way I'm going...um..that's not how it's done.

IJ Dee-Vo: Then by golly let's do it!


And now finally those who up and died on us. How rude!

Fateh Singh Rathore(born free)

John M. Lounge(reached for the stars, and they reached back)
Barklie Lakin

Ruby Muhammad
Erling Kroner(and this one time at band camp)
John Haines

Venkatraman Radhakrishnan(he's full of stars
James L. Elliot(he found rings around uranus)
May Cutler(books for children)
Aldo Clementi


Simon van der Meer(tried to destroy the earth with a black hole)
Alenush Terian(stellar women)
Mikhail Simonov(flying high)
Chester Kahapea(dirty man)
Charles Jarrott(condorman)

Alberto Granado(chemistry of life)

Edward Ullendorff
Louie Ramsay

Edward Ullendorff
Mike DeStefano
Louie Ramsay
Patricia Brennan

Marie-Andree Bertrand(studied crime)


Samuel Hazard Gillespie Jr.

Mike Starr
John Olmsted
St. Clair Lee,
Steven Kroll(no longer just dreaming)

Herb Kawainui Kane
Richard Campbell
Victor Manuel Blanco(this galaxy has clusters)

Iraj Afshar


Toshiko Takaezu
Sona Aslanova

Eddie Snyder
Gabriel Laderman

Bill Blackbeard(yaarrr)


Donny George Youkhanna
Danny Stiles
Frank Neuhauser(bzz!)
Hugh Martin
Nancy Kominsky
Jack Hardy
Alfred Genovese

Italo Pizzolante
Nilla Pizzi

John Nettleship(potter...)
Joe Morello
Shifra Lerer
Margaret Fish
Olive Dickason

Vitaly Vulf
Leo Steinberg
Owsley Stanley
David Rumelhart(AI Guy)
Ritchie Pickett
Virginia Klinekole

Larry Zolf
G. Alan Marlatt
Giora Leshem
Big Jack Johnson
Julide Gulizar

Bob Greaves(elephantcaster)
Leslie Collier(germbuster)
Todd Cerney
Gerald Barry

Melvin Sparks(jazz'n)
Smiley Culture
Nate Dogg
Yakov Kreizberg
Musa Juma
Keith Fordyce


Lorenda Starfelt(spring ran down)
Lloyd Oliver(talks in code)
Betty Lowman Carey(paddling her canoe)

Murdoch Mitchison(the animal)

Michael Gough(batman's batman)

Kirk Wipper(he can row a boat canoe)
Jet Harris
Princess Antoinette, Baroness of Massy

Robert Ross

Jim Roslof(dungeon master)

Kym Bonython


Dorothy Young(final vanishing act)
Sara Ruddick
Johnny Pearson

Kjeld Tolstrup
Pinetop Perkins
Hansl Kronauer

Loleatta Holloway
John L. Cashin, Jr.


Reuven Shefer(quite mad)
Zoogz Rift
Victor Bouchard

Leonard Weinglass

Elizabeth Taylor(Maggie Simpson)
Teodor Negoita(polorized)

Jean Bartik(Priestess of ENIAC)
Jose Arguelles

Gloria Valencia de Castano
Dudley Laws

Thady Wyndham-Quin, 7th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl
Hugo Midon
Almena Lomax
Pavel Leonov
Thomas Eisner


Diana Wynne Jones(Howls arcitech)

Cibele Dorsa Lula Cortes

Harry Coover(stuck on you)
Carl Bunch
Alexander Barykin

Paul Baran(switched packets)
Roger Abbott

George Tooker
DJ Megatron(deceptacons superior)
H. R. F. Keating

Farley Granger(around the world)

Esben Storm(not an einstein)
Lee Hoiby

Endre Wolf
Robert Tear
Iakovos Kambanelis
Bob Benny

Liaquat Soldier
Wally Peterson
Jack Fulk(chicken man)

Angelo de Sousa
Jorge Camacho
Harley Allen

Henry Taub(processed data automatically)
Mel McDaniel
Ishbel MacAskill
Tony Barrell

Happy modding!

FTWary 2011
What's new? New robot review. New Pc and Mac. New Song, New Coming Up, New Stats, New Bio, 4 new listeners giving us 288! and we continue to delve into the mystery of the Cataycylsm!

Let's start with good ole PC and Mac.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: Wow setting up the perfect computer for individuals can be hard, but it's worth it.

Mac: Bah you make things too hard on yourself, and others.

PC: What do you mean?

Mac: Your method is only for people of reasonable intelligence or above.

PC: And?

Mac: My method is make it simple enough for simple people to use. I mean, who wants to set up their own computer?

PC: Someone that wants a computer to look like they want to and does what they want it to do?

Mac: Right that takes a moderate amount of skill.

PC: And people with a moderate amount of intelligence and skill is not who you make computers for?

Mac: You said it. After all how else can I get them to buy my stuff.

PC: So you think the people that buy your products lack intelligence or skill. That is why you make computers that are based on ease to use, but not have much use?

Mac: Exactly!

PC: Won't they get mad if they found out what you think about them?

Mac: Naw, they arn't smart enough to realize thev'e been insulted.

PC: That's what Mac thinks about people who buy his electronics.

Now as you may or may not know we have been expierincing some technical difficulties. So as part of our on going series documenting this. we bring you...


IJ Dee-Vo: What was that?


IJ Dee-Vo: Let's find out what caused it.

Sock Monkey: \/\/|-|'/?

IJ Dee-Vo: Maybe we may learn something, anyway it's better then sitting around here right?


-A while later they make it to the source, a crack in the whall leads to a passage, and then to a cave-

IJ Dee-Vo: Lets go inside!

Tachi: NO WAY.

Little Mouth: ok!

IJ Dee-Vo: Then it's decided let's go in.

Sock Monkey:\/\/|-|@ 4B0U7 /\/\'/ \/073?

IJ Dee-Vo: Well you can stay here, all alone. And you know what happens to the one that stays all alone.

Sock Monkey: 1'/\/\ 901|\|9!

-And so they all enter never too be heard from again...oh wait...that's the wrong story-

Little Green Guy 1: Here let me have a candle.

Little Green Guy 2: Nyuk nyuk nyuk, here you go.

Little Green Guy 3: Hey Bozzlewig...

BozzleWig: Shut up lame brain, if I want your opinion I'll ask for it. I'll just light it up now.

Little Green Guy 3: But Buzzlewig it's not a candle its...

Bozzlewig: Listen porcupine I told you...AHH It's dynamite! Why didn't you tell me!

Little Green Guy 3: But I tried.

Bozzlewig: Well try harder, here catch!

Little Green Guy 3: I don't want it..hey Wyrxxzle catch!

Wyrxxzle: Nyyaaaa....

Bozzlewig: Quick Get rid of it!

Wyrxxzle tosses it by a crate: There!

Bozzlewig: Ehhhh! You numbskull that's where we keep the explosives!

Wyrxxzle: AHHH!!!!

BozzleWig: Wyrxxzle, Sneedle, duck and cover!

-They all duck for cover-


Bozzlewig slaps the other two: If I get killed by this I'm never talking to either of you again.

Sneedle: Are you positive?

Bozzlewig: Only fools are postive.

Sneedle: Are you sure?

Bozzlewig: I'm positive!

IJ Dee-Vo: Hey Guys what's up?

Bozzlewig: Who there who invited you? Don't you know this place is a restricted zone?

Wyrxxzle: Yah and it's off limits too.

Bozzlewig pokes Wyrxxzle in the eyes: That's what I said. We have to set these mines here to keep the worgon at bay but some idiot caused them to get scattered during an explosion.

Wyrxxzle: I didn't mean it I was a victom of circumstances!

BozzleWig: Oh wise guy aye? If I wasn't too busy to deal with you now I'd murderize you. Remind me to kill you later.

Wyrxxzle: I'll make a note of it.

Sneedle: Hey Bozzlewig we better start back to work.

Bozzlewig: Who'd ask you, I'm the brains of this outfit and we'll get back to work when I say we get back to work, now get back to work

IJ Dee-Vo: Hey will it go faster if we help gather what's left of the mines?

Sock Monkey: \/\/|-|@ r j00Z d01|\|9 \/0L4|\|733R1|\|9 Ph0R? \/\/3 |-|4\/3 0UR 0\/\/|\| pR0BL3/\/\5.

IJ Dee-Vo: Now now it won't be much of a problem.

Bozzlewig: That would be swell!

IJ Dee-Vo: Let's get to it.

-A few short hours later-

IJ Dee-Vo: That was fun.

Bozzlewig: Heh you really mastered the art of Mine Craft.

IJ Dee-Vo: So now what do we do?

Bozzlewig: We party....like a goblin!

-In tune of Vahoma's "Party Like A Spartan"-
"Party Like A Goblin"


Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin

I'm on an Allience killing mission
But I party like a Goblin
Flying down Durotar looking good in my rocket
You know Death Wing be at my show
And going to make the lava flow
Weedwhacker in my pants
Lets me clear a path where I go
I dual like I dual
Cause you know them wolves be trying us
Worgons don't you know we're here
Why you trying to find us
Running with that turret I lay pygmies down
When I say oorah all you goblins get down (Oorah!)

Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Kaboom baby

Alright I want to introduce you to goblin 1337
He goes by only one name, a name that defines who he is
And what he does..by being unpronounceble.
I want to introduce Wyrxxzle.

Wyrxxzle is my name and explosives is my game
It's goblin engineering that brought me to my fame
Out on the field or working in my shack
I'm making the bomb that will blow you on your back
Making things go boom is all that I do
No matter where you hide I'm gonna blast you
I'll blow you up high, pieces will litter the ground
When I say oorah all you Goblins get down (Oorah!)

Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Kaboom baby
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin

I can handle any level of alchemy
from simple peacebloom potions or tansmuting
Gold is my payment of choice
Pay me a bagful and I will rejoice
If you find me with Quel'Serrar equipped
Thats you your cue you'd better beat it
My Shadowmourne will pwn your Blit on the ground
And when I say oorah all you Goblins get down (Oorah!)

Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Kaboom baby
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin
Party like a Goblin

When all said and done and ya'll are on the run
Thanks for playing our game yea it's been real fun
As the dust settles and the dead remain
Me and my guild will always stay the same
IPU till death till there's nothing left
Even to our very last dying breath
Those who enter, they come they fall
IPU however will stand tall

I am the Goblin Bozzlewig the leader of this trio
And it doesn't mater if your a knight elf, gnome or worgon.
It does not matter.
We will destroy you!
Wheather its with explosives, Alchemy, or epic weapons.
We will destroy every single member of the Allience
You can try to pwn us and it does not matter.
I will personally remove your head from your body with my crab
And I garentee Wyrxxzle will blow your Blit off at the end

And now fow all of those that have left this island Earth.

Douglas Haig(Dog's best friend)

Eric Nicol(killed by video)

Margaret John(national treasure)

Clark Hulings(physics of painting)
Rodney Hill(mathmagition)

Defne Joy Foster
Bill Foster
Daniela Castelo

Ron Piche
Tony Levin


Uga VIII(good boy) Dame Olga Lopes-Seale
Michael Habeck(german muppet)
Robert L. Frye(he learned people)

Pavel Vondruska
Donald Peterman(mib)

Brian Jacques(fictionalist of fantasy)
Miriam Hansen

James Watson
Ken Olsen

Gary Moore(rock on)

Frank Roberts

Eugenio Toussaint
Marvin Sease
Donald S. Sanford

Charles O. Perry
Jorma Ojaharju(magic of reality)
Tony Malinosky
Bradley C. Livezey(flightless fowl fancier)
Roza Baglanova

David Sanchez Juliao

Oleg Lavrentiev(atom splitter)
Blanche Honegger Moyse(high conductance)
Bill Justice(worked at Chip N' Dale and trained pirates)


Christian J. Lambertsen(human parent of the frogmen)

Roy Gussow

Steve Dacri(magic man with the fastest hands)

Bad News Brown


Joanne Siegel(mother and wife of superman)
Kenneth Mars(epic)

Ernesto De Pascale

Mato Damjanovic(the master)

Shi Yafeng(rockologist)

T. P. McKenna(greatest show in the galaxy)

Nobutoshi Kihara(fathered the first man that walked)

Oakley Hall III(franked stein)
Manuel Esperon

John Strauss(looking for car 54)
Sir George Shearing
Catherine Masters

George Marsaglia(random guy)
Sidney Harth
Joe Frazier
Charles Epstein
Dame Judith Binney

David Shapiro

Len Lesser(uncle Leo)
Neal Amundson(engineered chemicals)
Hans Joachim Alpers(scientist of fiction)

Perry Moore(chronicaled narnia)
Ron Hickman(invented workmates)

Bob Tanna
Walter Seltzer(the last man)

Anson Rainey(now that is a tablet)

Malaysia Vasudevan
Frank A. McClintock(enginning ears)
Barbara Harmer(flew to the heavens)

Antonin Svorc
Judith Sulzberger
Dwayne McDuffie(unlmited)
Edwin D. Kilbourne(disease slayer)

Bill Nimmo
Ion Hobana(went to study ufos)
Beau Dollar
Nicholas Courtney(the brigadier)
Brian Bonsor

Mike Zimring

Jens Winther
Anant Pai

Suze Rotolo
Eneas Perdomo
Rick Coonce

Mark Tulin
Eugene Fodor
Richard F. Daines

Moacyr Scliar
Skonk Nicholson
Eddie Kirkland
James Gruber
Margaret Eliot
Frank Buckles(last of his species)
Frank Alesia(kangaroo)


Doyald Young(made new ways to show letters)
Nick LaTour(he sure did)

Jamuary 2011
What's new?
1. Song
2. Robot review
3. PC and Mac
4. The year
5. Annual listener adjestment. We have 284 not 286.
6. The usual stuff
7. Our navigation bars have been made more readable.
8. Well that's about it, there may be something, can't quite recall...Oh yah... IJ STUDIOS HAS BEEN TORN ASUNDER!

Let's see if PC and Mac are doing ok.

Hip 30/40 year old: Hello I'm a PC.

Burnt out 20 year old: Smokes ...something "I'm...a....watch you call it...

PC: Mac

Mac: Yeah, whatever.

PC: There we go another powerful computer at an afordable price.

Mac: Hah, who'd buy something like that?

PC: What's wrong with that?

Mac: It lacks style. Now if you did what I do, machine cases out of solid pieces of metal, have slick transparent plastic over clean white plastic, capacitence buttons so the surface can be unbroken you wpuld have a work of art.

PC: Gee Mac with all the time and effort you put in your cases you must not have much left over to fill it with the latest tech.

Mac: Well I don't so I can't. But who needs high end technology when you can't see it. It's the outside that counts.

PC: Then how do they get much use out of them?

Mac: Use? Do you use a sculpture, a painting? They are to display and to show that you have enough money to spend on something that looks great and does nothing.

PC: And this is what you think competition is, making a product that does less and cost more.

Mac: As long as it has the right packaging.

PC: People now you know my friends marketing values.

To commemorate our little problem and the new WoW expansion we bring you...

-In tune of Weird Al Yankovic's "Virus Alert"-

Hey, everyone, listen up, your attention if you please
Really want to give you a warning
'Cause I found out this morning
'Bout a dangerous, insidious elemental dragon
If you should play footbomb and Deathwing flies above the trees
Better not go taking your chances
Under no circumstances
Should you throw a bomb at the volcanoe
Or else it will start to spew and quake
Make the island start to shake
And pretty much ruin the whole day

(Look out!) It's gonna make the lava start to flow
(Look out!) destroy any safe place you can go
(Look out!) and wind up costing your freedom too
And the Trade Prince will enslave anyone related to you

The Barrens have been scarred with a chasm
Deliver this warning on to everybody
Soon, very soon, it will flood all the gourges in Durotar
It'll storm and thunder
Tear Azaroth asunder
And invest your cash in goblin technology
Then it caused the mighty gates to be closed to Mulgore
It'll give werewolves to the Allience
And goblins will stregnthen Horde reliance
So just run away now, or else it will
Fill Desolace with a bunch of trees
Destroy the park in Stormwind City
Even change Thousand Needles into a pool

(Look out!) A volconoe sprouted in Ashenvale
(Look out!) And the land torn to two in Stanglethorn Vale
(Look out!) A forrest now grows within the Tainted Scar
(Look out!) And goblins have slums deep in Ogrimmar
(Look out!) Stonetalon Mountains are up in flames
(Look out!) It's like a whole nother game
(Look out!) Then cause a major rift in time and space
And leave a bunch of new quest givers all over the place

That's right, it's a...
The Barrens have been scarred with a chasm
Deliver this warning on to everybody
The Barrens have been scarred with a chasm
Deliver this warning on to everybody
Warn all your friends, tell this to everybody
Tell everyone you know, tell everybody now
If DeathWing finds you, you'll wish you had never been born
So before he comes to your home remember you have been warned...
So get all your guildies to all come on down
And form a raid that will stand their ground
Be sure to equip only legendary gear and you will be fine
Just make sure the durablity is at 100 and your level is eightyfive

The Barrens have been scarred with a chasm
Deliver this warning on to everybody
The Barrens have been scarred with a chasm
Deliver this warning on to everybody
The Barrens have been scarred with a chasm
Deliver this warning on to everybody
Warn all your friends, tell this to everybody
Tell everyone you know, tell everybody now
What are you waiting for?
Just hurry up and tell this to every single person that you know
go... tell... right... now

Well last month we had something really strange happen here so this month we try to to recover from the shock and see what happened.

IJ Dee-Vo: Hello any one there?

-a beam shines illiminating a deep chasm infront of IJ Dee-Vo's feet-


IJ Dee-Vo shines some beams: Wow this place really got turn up. Hey Sock Monkey you ok?

Sock Monkey: \/\/3 907 p\/\/|\|3D L1k3 3P1( |\|00B5.

IJ Dee-Vo: That we did, Little Mouth?

Little Mouth: yaaah let do that again.

IJ Dee-Vo: No thank you.

-lights scan the area reaveiling chasms, cracks, bared pipes and wires-

IJ Dee-Vo: Wow this is bad and we just got this place up to code. Let's go check out the rest of the place, be careful.


IJ Dee-Vo: Good idea, check out "The Door" and Sock Monkey check out 1337 Blue.

Little Mouth: what about me?

IJ Dee-Vo: Stay hear and count the atoms ok?

Little Mouth: okay!

IJ Dee-Vo: Let's go.

Little Mouth: 1..2...3..

-long time later-

Little Mouth: 10356, 10357,103358...


IJ Dee-Vo: Wow took way longer then normal, theres no longer a direct path to it..well at least not a non death filled one. Well I'm here now so I'll just take a look. The reactor seems pretty well intact thats good, but what's that? The water level looks lower...thats not good. If nothing is stopped there won't have any coolent left. What to do? First I have to find out just where the leak is. I hope its not to big, or deep. Then I can go about fixing it. So how shall I do this. I could dive right in..but hey...what's this, this can of dye is leaking. Well I dont have time to deal with this, I need something that I can use to tell me where water is leaking out. What can I do, what can make water not be so clear and let me trace it's movements. Hey I can use this dye. I'll just pour some in the water, and see where it goes. OK there it goes, now to watch it do it's thing. It seems to be going over to this one spot...I see it. It does look to bad, but I need to fix it. But with what? Ewww whats this goo? Its leaking from this can. Sealent, underwater setting, just apply to surface. What use could this be to me? Say..wait...I could dump the can in the coolent, thus rising the water level thus buying me some time... no, i can use it to seal the crack! That would buy me more time! I'll just fill this cauking gun with it and fix it. Now to climb this ladder, into the radioactive waters to apply it.

-mean while-

Little Mouth: 13578, 13579, 13580...




Little Mouth: 15754, 15755, 15756...


Sock Monkey: (r4\/\/L1|\|9 7|-|r0U9|-| \/3|\|7$, $\/\/1|\|91|\|9 0|\| (4BL3$, |-|4|\|91|\|9 0|\| p1P3$ 70 4\/01D1|\|9 3L3(7r1Ph13D PhL00r$, 17'$ L1k3 pL4'/1|\|9 $0/\/\3 7'/P3 0Ph 0LD 16 b17 pL47Ph0r/\/\ 94/\/\3. 1 p\/\/|\|3D 17 Ph7\/\/, |\|0\/\/ 7|-|@ 1'/\/\ |-|3r3 71/\/\3 70 (|-|3(|k 1337 bLU3. \/\/3LL 17 533/\/\5 17'5 rU|\||\|1|\|9 0|\| b4(k UP p0\/\/3R. 1'LL rU|\| d109|\|0571(5 70 533 1Ph 3\/3R'/7|-|1|\|9 15 0P3R471|\|9 0k. 0DD, 50/\/\3 0Ph 7|-|3 pR0(3550R5 533/\/\ 70 |\|07 b3 r35P0|\|D1|\|9. p4R7 0Ph 7|-|3 (31L1|\|9 Ph3LL 4|\|D 53\/3R3RD 50/\/\3 0Ph 7|-|3 p4RR3LL3L Ph1B3R 0P71( L1|\|k5. 1 |\|33D 70 r3PL4(3 7|-|3/\/\. bU7 \/\/17|-| \/\/|-|47. \/\/|-|475 7|-|15, 4 5\/\/3473R, /\/\4D3 PhR0/\/\ 93|\|U1|\|3 p0L4R b34R |-|41R. p0L4R b34R |-|41R 15 |\|47UR35 Ph1B3R 0P71(5! \/\/|-|@ 4 4 57R4|\|93 (01|\|(1D3|\|(3 7|-|@ 7|-|15 \/\/45 |-|3R3 45 1Ph 70 /\/\0\/3 7|-|3 pL07 4L0|\|9. 71/\/\3 Ph0r $0/\/\3 $PL1(1|\|9. 7|-|3r3 17 4LL \/\/0rk$, bU7 7|-|3 UP$ 1$ rU|\||\|1|\|9 L0\/\/ 1 |\|33D 70 r3$70r3 p0\/\/3r. 4LL 1 |\|33D 70 d0 1$ |-|4r|\|3$$ 7|-|@ $P4rk1|\|9 \/\/1r3 bU7 \/\/17|-| \/\/|-|47? 50/\/\37|-|1|\|9 7|-|@ (0|\|DU(7$.../\/\'/$7r0$ c0|\|DU(7 $'//\/\P|-|0|\|13$. 5'//\/\P|-|0|\|13$ |\|33D 1|\|$7rU/\/\3|\|7$. 1|\|$7rU/\/\3|\|7$ R U$3D b'/ d0(70r$. 7|-|3 d0(70r 1$ 4 71/\/\3 L0rD. 71/\/\3 PhL13$. 7|-|3 PhL'/ \/\/4$ 4 |-|0rr0r /\/\0\/13. /\/\0\/13$ R pL4'/3D 0|\| d1$($. d1$($ R r0U|\|D. R0U|\|D5 r 4 7'/P3 0Ph 51|\|91|\|9. $1|\|91|\|9 15 d0|\|3 70 /\/\U51(. /\/\U51( c0/\/\35 1|\| /\/\4|\|'/ 7'/P35 L1k3 |-|34\/'/ /\/\374L. /\/\374L (0|\|DU(75 3L3(7R1(17'/! 7|-|15 \/\/0R7|-|L355 L3|\|97|-| 0Ph pL4|\|71U|\|U/\/\ (4BL3 Ph1|\|4LL'/ 9375 175 \/4LU3. 7|-|3R3 |\|0\/\/ \/\/3 d0|\|'7 |-|4\/3 70 \/\/0RR'/.


Little Mouth: 20578, 20579, 20580...

-quite a while later after they all return-

IJ Dee-Vo: Well the reactor is secured we don't have to worry about a meltdown.


Sock Monkey: 1337 bLU3 1$ UBB3r |\|00B p\/\/|\|1|\|9 4941|\|.

IJ Dee-Vo: Well then the most major things that can go wrong have been resolved, now we just have to find out just what happened.

Little Mouth: what about me?


Little Mouth: dont you wanna know how many atoms are there here?

Sock Monkey: |\|0 0|\|3 (4r3$.

IJ Dee-Vo: Oh yah just how many are here?

Little Mouth: theres...


And now those that managed to make it to 2011 but stopped short.

Louise Reiss
John Olguin(sleeps with the fishes)
Verne Langdon
Flemming Jorgensen
Bruce Halliday
Gil Garfield(used up 9th live)
Charles Fambrough(mr bones)
Marin Constantin

Robert Trumble
Szeto Wah
Margot Stevenson(knows the darkness that lurks in the hearts of men)
Patricia Smith(a spirit haunting St. Louis)
Miriam Seegar(silent but dead)
Pete Postlethwaite(sweet dreams)
Peter Hobbs(left Calvin alone)
Anne Francis(traveled west to the forbidden plant in the twilght zone)

Nakamura Tomijyuro V
Eva Strittmatter
Paul Soldner(clayologist)
Anatoliy Skorokhod(math man)
Alfred Proksch(graph designer)
Suchitra Mitra(sang her heart out)
Jill Haworth(gout out of harms way made an exodous to the outer limits to perform a cabarnet)

Julia Bonds(made sure their would be mountain tops to climb)


World's Largest Shoe Tree(murdered by loosers who will never pass down their genes)
Jack Richardson(better death through chemistry)
Gerry Rafferty
Gustavo Kupinski
Ronald Gordon King-Smith(bred sheep with pigs)
Mick Karn
Cyril M. Harris
Grady Chapman(dont wop)
Mohamed Bouazizi


Bill Zeller(MyTuner)
Brian Rust(testifyen)
Helene Palmer(machine rights)

Jack Ertle Oliver(invented tetonic plates)
Malangatana Ngwenya
Lily Marinho
David Hart(protecting miners)

Dagmar Wilson
Aron Kincaid(crocadile, smurf, duck, space shuttle)
John D. Kendall
Gad Granach
Ohan Durian

Bobby Robinson
George Harris

Christopher Trumbo
Elfa Secioria
Del Reisman(untouchable in the twilight zone)
Juan Piquer Simon(killed by slugs)
Oleg Grabar
Peter Donaldson
Willi Dansgaard(any wheatherman cantell you what tommorows what is, he can tell you what yesterdays was)

Peter Yates(Krull)
Makinti Napanangka
Debbie Friedman
Ruth Cavin

Margaret Whiting
Maria Elena Walsh
A. W. B. Simpson
Vivek Shauq

Miklos Hofer
Joe Gores(died under mysterious certainstances)
John Dye(sounds of music lift him away)
Bill Bower(Doolittle MD)

Marcel Trudel

Won-il Rhee(pixels not brush strokes)
Knut Olsen
David Nelson

Matti Mattson
Audrey Lawson-Johnston
Kozo Haraguchi
Susana Chavez

Paul Picerni

Ellen Stewart
Prabhakar Panshikar
Hellmut Lange
Tuviah Friedman

Mississippi Winn
Ben Wada
Betty Mae Tiger Jumper
Toshiyuki Hosokawa
Marty Gold

Stephanie Glaser

Dr. Creep(the creeper!)

Georgia Carroll(dandy of a yankee)
Sun Axelsson


Susannah York(our mother of Valhalla)
Mike Vibert
Romulus Linney
Michael Langham
Harvey James
Kenneth Grant(eggs and aliens)

Steve Prestwich

Milton Levine(Uncle ant)
Miguel Angel Alvarez
Augusto Alguero

Shinichiro Sakurai
John Ross
Robert W. Mackenzie
Don Kirshner(primate)
Jean Dutourd
Sir Bernard Crossland
David Bradby
MK Binodini
Perry Currin


Edgar Tafel

Sargent Shriver

Milton Rogovin
Cristian Paturca

Antonin Kubalek

John Herivel(he broke it, he paid for it)
George Crowe

Bob Young
Carla Swart
Wilfrid Sheed
Jose Kusugak
Neva Egan

Alan Uglow

Reynolds Price

F. A. Nettelbeck
Miesque(dead of course)
Ernest McCulloch(invented stem cells)

Bruce Gordon(untouchable)

Dennis Oppenheim
Tony Geiss(no longer protecting pictures from monsters
Jay Garner(returned to the 25th century)
Theoni V. Aldredge(is now being busted)

Bobby Poe
Solange Bertrand

Novica Tadic
Poppa Neutrino(particle man)
Ole Kopreitan

Chief White Eagle
Francisco Mata
Bhimsen Joshi
Barrie Lee Hall, Jr.(jazzen up the heavens)

David Frye(professional president)

Bernd Eichinger(ended his story)

Daniel Bell

Eddie Mordue(saxologist)
Charlie Louvin
R. F. Langley
David Kato
Gladys Horton

Don Rondo
Diana Norman(medivil MD)

Boyd Kirkland(batman)
Martins Freimanis(swatted)
Charlie Callas(dead and loving it)

Dame Margaret Price
Megan McNeil
Dariush Homayoon(infotourist)
Raymond Cohen

Emanuel Vardi
Dorothy Thompson
Nora Sun
Hemayel Martina
Loreen Rice Lucas

Bruce Jackson(audioeer)
Milton Babbitt(heeeey babbitt!)

Hisaye Yamamoto
Ian R. Porteous(mathologist)

Ajahn Maha Bua
John Barry

Doc Williams

Michael Tolan(was it his murder she wrote)
Charles Sellier(horseman took his head)
Eunice Sanborn
Mark Ryan(ant man)
Charles Kaman(aeroneer)
Nikolay Dorizo
Raymond Challinor